How to make Naruto ramen?

Have you ever wished you could reach through the screen to the food while watching an anime? If so, Danielle Baghernejad, author of the book Otaku Food, which pays homage to the comfort food depicted in anime and Japanese manga that she particularly enjoys, says you’re not alone.

She wrote this book as a means to combine her love of Japanese popular culture and her enthusiasm for cooking, offering easy-to-follow instructions so that readers may make the meals that the anime and computer culture enthusiasts known as otaku, or “otaku,” enjoy. Here, she offers a recipe for ramen, Naruto’s preferred dish, which she dubbed Ichiraku in honor of the eatery he enjoys most.

While Naruto encounters many challenges, a bowl of ramen always makes him feel better. Instant ramen is his favorite food because he doesn’t have a mother to prepare for him, but when he is invited to his favorite restaurant, Ichiraku, one bowl never seems to be enough! It should come as no surprise that ramen is the soup that lifts his spirits. Ramen is a traditional example of Japanese comfort food that should be appreciated since it is flavorful, warm, nutritious, and satisfying. According to Danielle Baghernejad, who wrote the recipe’s introduction.

One of the traditional comfort food dishes that has been around from the beginning is ramen noodle soup.

Nigiri-soba, which literally translates to “rice bowl” or “bowl rice,” is the name of the equivalent dish in Japanese.

Ramen appears to have supplanted hamburger as the nation’s preferred fast meal in recent years.

It’s easy to understand why given the wide variety of options available, each with its own flavor profiles, ingredients, and cooking methods.

The “Naruto Ramen” flavor is one such selection.

So, How to make Naruto ramen?

In this essay, I will give you the recipe to make Naruto ramen.

What Is The History Of Naruto Ramen?

Some fundamentals: Ramen is delectable. You must be aware of this. Never before have I created ramen that really made me miss eating in Japan. I believe that I have produced something resembling what I can obtain in Japan with my new recipe, which is listed below. For a wonderful ramen experience, I highly urge you try making this at home. I was quite pleased with the bulk of the alterations I made. The ramen from Naruto is a nice place to start because it is tasty but quite ordinary. The miso-based ramen that contains additional chasu, or pork, is Naruto’s favorite.

One of three broth bases—miso, salt, or soy sauce—is used to make ramen. Tonkotsu, which refers to the pig stock base most frequently used in ramen, may also be used to describe a soup. Because miso, salt, and soy sauce soups are all really variants of pig broth, it can be a little perplexing. So, the majority (but not all) of ramen soup is pig broth spiced with one of those three ingredients. Although some may classify ramen as belonging to one of those four separate types, today’s discussion will center on the miso-based soup.

How to make Naruto ramen 1 How to make Naruto ramen?

Which gets me to the first error I committed when I was a new food blogger. the soup. Well, I prepared my own stock, however instead of using pork bones for the flavoring, I used chicken bones. This was done for two reasons: 1) I had no idea where to find pig bones, and 2) I wanted to utilize part of the chicken stock for my second dish (Transforming Furikake Gohan from Food Wars!). However, I now believe that this was a mistake. It is true that chicken broth may be used as a ramen basis, but it’s not the base that you often see in Japan, and I highly doubt Naruto was eating weird ramen.

As opposed to a chicken basis, a soup with a pork base would be much more anticipated to see him eating, thus the first thing I modified about this recipe were the bones I used and the added flavorings for the broth. The first time I made a chicken broth, I used some more conventional ingredients, such as leeks, cabbage, and so on. I just seasoned the base with ginger since I wanted to simplify this and make the base a little more one-note to really let the pork taste shine through. Moreover, I increased the amount of miso and, for extra taste and greater flavor payoff, I used awase miso, a blend of brown and white miso. The flavor and color are enhanced as a result.

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda created the original version of Naruto ramen in 2015 after deciding to put his own spin on the classic dish.

He wanted to give his clients at Sushi Roku, where he was employed at the time, something fresh and interesting.

When watching episodes of Naruto, he had the idea after realizing how much the characters like hot ramen.

To give it extra oomph, he added sriracha.

Wakuda began marketing this novel product as “Narutosoup.”

But, the demand increased so high in just two weeks that he had to start producing multiple batches daily.

Suddenly, people began purchasing it online and requesting that he keep the recipe a secret so that no one else could sell it.

After a while, he began to make enough money from it to quit his job and create Kurokawa Ramen, which is situated exactly next to Sushiroku.

The ramen and other sushi products were to be served in a bento box as part of the original Narutosoup idea.

Wakuda had to create a separate store only for selling naruto ramen because as demand increased, he realized that the boxes were getting too small.

Currently, there are a ton of locations all around Japan that focus on making versions of the well-known dish.

Many restaurants throughout the globe provide ramen in the Narutosoup style.

Where Does Naruto Ramen Come From?

It appears that this specific kind of ramen was initially developed by an Okinawan guy by the name of Kiyoshi Nakamura who founded his own store in Tokyo in the 1970s, however we are unsure of the actual origin of the term.

He created “Okinawa Style Ramen Noodles” by combining contemporary Japanese culinary skills with traditional Okinawan techniques (like dashi stock).

Until the early 2000s, Nakamura sold these home-made ramen noodles at street booths before they were turned into manufactured goods under the brand names Naruto and Udono Ramen.

From then, they spread like wildfire across the nation and quickly established themselves as mainstays in American homes.

From then, they spread like wildfire across the nation and quickly established themselves as mainstays in American homes.

After the anime series Naruto made its television debut in 1999, the popularity of Naruto ramen increased even further.

How to make Naruto ramen 2 How to make Naruto ramen?

The character Sasuke Uchiha was known for making excellent ramen with fresh local fish and nearby-grown veggies.

The ramen dish was rapidly embraced by the show’s audience, who began dubbing it “Sasuke Ramen.”

How to make Naruto ramen? – The guide

Naruto ramen is a delicious Japanese noodle dish that features pieces of naruto, or fish cake, in hot broth. If you’re looking for an easy way to recreate this flavorful meal at home, here are some tips and tricks for how to make it.

How to make Naruto ramen 3 How to make Naruto ramen?


– 3 cups dashi (Japanese fish stock)

– 1/2 cup soy sauce

– 2 tablespoons sugar

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 2 packages ramen noodles

– 4 naruto slices or 8 thin naruto slices

– Toppings such as green onions, mushrooms, boiled eggs, etc. (Optional)


The dish’s originator, who used her own moniker when she invented it, gave it the name Naruto.

On social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, people in Japan frequently use nicknames instead of their true identities.

Moreover, hiragana, a syllabic alphabet, is used to write Naruto rather of katakana (an alphabetic script).

Soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, miso paste, and other well-known ingredients used in traditional Japanese cooking are included in this recipe.

Although no precise proportions are offered, following these instructions should help you get started if you want to attempt preparing this excellent ramen on your own.

In a large saucepan, combine all the ingredients and bring them to a boil. If you’re using dried shiitake mushrooms, add them at this time and cook them for a while.

If extra water is required to keep the food covered while cooking, add it.
Reduce heat after the liquid begins to boil once again, then simmer for a further 15 minutes while stirring periodically. Before serving, remove from heat and allow it cool slightly.

Add Sriracha, chili flakes, and scallions to taste before serving. Add cooked eggs on top, then add nori strips as decoration.

Here’s how to prepare an egg drop soup foundation if you like to eat your food plain.

How Popular Is Naruto Ramen In Japan?

The third-most popular instant ramen brand in Japan, according to a research by the International Food Information Center (IFIC), is Naruto ramen.

Two other instant ramen brands were also in the top 10, but they weren’t chosen.

Also, the IFIC discovered that 1.8 million individuals bought Naruto ramen in only one year.

When you consider how straightforward this meal may be made, its popularity should come as no surprise.

All you need is some beef stock, a bag of fresh veggies, and a packet of ramen noodles.

If you want to save time, you may even exclude all the veggies.

In fact, many restaurants exclusively utilize beef bones since they cook faster than vegetarian ones, according to the IFIC.

In case you’re wondering how the term came about, Narutos are fictional ninjas that focus on ninjutsu.

According to legend, they date back to the Genpei War, which took place between 1180 and 1221 CE.

So even though Naruto ramen might appear strange to Americans, it’s huge in Japan.

Related questions

Q: How do I store Naruto Ramen?

A: Naruto ramen should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat by microwaving or boiling until hot.

Q: How do I make vegan Naruto Ramen?

A: To make vegan naruto ramen, replace the dashi with vegetable broth and use vegan-friendly toppings such as tofu or vegetables. You can also replace the soy sauce and salt with tamari or Bragg’s liquid aminos.

Q: How can I add more flavor to my Naruto Ramen?

A: To add more flavor to your naruto ramen, try adding different types of seasonings such as garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chili oil or sesame oil. You can also add a dash of rice vinegar or mirin for a hint of sweetness.

Q: How long will Naruto Ramen last in the refrigerator?

A: Naruto ramen can last up to 3 days in the refrigerator when stored in an airtight container. Be sure to reheat before eating.

Final verdicts

So there you have it, a quick and easy guide on how to make delicious Naruto ramen at home! This dish is perfect for sharing with friends or family, and is sure to be a hit with any Naruto fan. Give it a try today and let us know what you think in the comments below!

So there you have it, a quick and easy guide on how to make Naruto ramen! We hope you enjoyed this blog post and were able to successfully make some delicious ramen. If you need help with any of the steps or want more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Angelo’s Burgers. We would be more than happy to assist you!

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