How to stop coffee from making you poop?

Your morning coffee may help you feel more energised, but it may also make you dash for the restroom!

You can feel out of control if drinking too much coffee has a laxative impact and sends you rushing to the bathroom.

You can start to feel anxious each time you drink hot coffee as a result of this.

In this manual, we will explain why this occurs, how to maintain control and some advice on How to stop the coffee from making you poop.

Here, we will look at everything you should know about how to avoid drinking coffee that causes you to pass out, from monitoring the acidity to comprehending how caffeine affects your body.

Get ready, coffee lovers; things are about to get serious.

Strong coffee can have a laxative impact that causes you to escape from morning meetings at work and head straight for the restroom.

We will explore several strategies you may use to decrease the impact that coffee beans have on your digestive system as well as why your morning latte has the unintended side effect of making you poop.

Why Can Coffee Make You Go To The Bathroom More Often? 

First of all, be aware that you are not the only one whose morning cup of coffee causes you to dash for the restroom. In reality, caffeine—including caffeinated coffee—is a laxative. Your morning espresso or latte has the capacity to make you poop — quickly, despite not being nearly as potent as a laxative you might purchase at the pharmacy.

Peristalsis, or muscular contractions across the intestines, are brought on by coffee and assist your body in moving things along. How your body reacts to coffee depends on your unique digestive system. While some individuals experience the typical laxative effects of caffeinated coffee, others do not.

The chlorogenic acids found in coffee are in addition to the caffeine. These acids increase the generation of stomach acid and hasten the process of digestion.

The first thing you should know is that you are not alone in this circumstance; many people, especially after their daily cup of coffee, experience the laxative effects of coffee.

How to stop coffee from making you poop 1 How to stop coffee from making you poop?

There are several causes for this, including:

Content of Caffeine

Coffee frequently contains caffeine, which has laxative properties.

Even though it is a milder laxative than over-the-counter drugs, drinking caffeinated coffee in the morning might occasionally cause you to pass gas quite quickly.

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Movement of Your Digestive System

Some people’s peristalsis is stimulated by coffee.

Peristalsis is the contraction of gut muscles that promotes food flow in the intestines and can result in bowel motions.

Acids in coffee

In addition to caffeine, coffee also contains chlorogenic acids. These acids can hasten digestion by encouraging the formation of stomach acid.

A bloated stomach may be avoided by doing this, but too much of it might result in irritable bowel syndrome.

Sugar, Dairy, and Extras

Last but not least, other factors than coffee may be contributing to your frequent restroom visits.

The issue can also be brought on by the creamy, sweet, and tasty ingredients you use in your daily cup of coffee.

For instance, dairy items, creamers, and sweeteners might occasionally make you want to urinate after drinking coffee.

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There are several explanations for why you defecate immediately after drinking your first cup of coffee. Here are some novel methods you may use to suppress this impulse to go the bathroom and make sure your coffee expedition is safer.

How to stop coffee from making you poop 2 How to stop coffee from making you poop?

Decaf coffee

According to several findings, even switching to decaf coffee would not reduce bathroom trips.

Yes, it does happen occasionally, but it has the potential to increase how often you visit the bathroom. This occurs most often with decaf coffee in this situation because of an expanded colon. Compared to water, decaffeinated coffee significantly increases intestinal activity and is just slightly less caffeinated.

Milk and Cream

As we have previously stated, there are a lot of things about coffee that make us quickly defecate. Although some people may have no effects at all from drinking coffee, the added additives, such as milk and sugar, may be the main offender. In the end, everything comes down to the consumer’s physical state. For instance, if a person has a lactose intolerance, even milk and cream might send them to the bathroom for weeks.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your body will not completely reject milk and cream and play a key role in your laborious bowel motions and bloated stomach even if you do not have lactose intolerance.

Picking the Wrong Time for Drinking Coffee

There are a ton of factors that might contribute to this unpleasant feeling. However, in this situation, time is crucial. For instance, if you drink your cup of coffee at that certain moment and have not used the restroom all day, it is likely that you will race to the bathroom for a lengthy bowel movement in approximately 5 minutes.


Coffee acidity is often the most well-known culprit for making us immediately urinate. However, there is no scientific evidence that the acidity of coffee truly causes individuals to defecate. Sometimes it actually has the reverse impact on others, resulting in decreased bowel movements, for example.


There is a chance that someone who drinks a lot of coffee has a greater level of the hormone cholecystokinin.

Even certain specific sorts of studies have suggested that the hormone that induces bowel motions is present.

However, scientists are still unable to pinpoint the precise factor that triggers this hormone’s increased production.

The Ramification of Coffee for IBS Symptom

Many persons who experience IBS symptoms said that some goods might cause them to defecate more frequently than normal. For instance, some of them get days-long diarrhea as a result of the coffee.

In a meeting in 2016, several researchers claimed that routinely consuming coffee may hasten this condition and exacerbate the symptoms.

As usual, they were unable to identify any specific component that might be linked directly from the coffee to the source of this problem.

Additionally, in 2015, a team of brilliant scientists studied individuals with inflammatory bowel illness (IBD). The results indicated that more than 70% of those who already had the illness regularly drank coffee, which made their condition worse. Comparatively, 62% of those who disliked coffee were certain that it considerably worsened their condition.

Even Nevertheless, several of the people who thought coffee really did harm them so severely continued to consume it every day.

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Sick Of Coffee-Induced-Pooping

While a cup of coffee can help with constipation, many individuals would rather have their morning brew without having to go to the restroom.

There are a few things you can do to solve the issue, which is good news.

To begin with, you might want to think about switching to decaf coffee. Change to half-caff if you still want a small amount of caffeine. You might need to experiment with the mix to get the ideal combination of decaf calm and caffeine rush.

How to stop coffee from making you poop How to stop coffee from making you poop?

Would you rather continue with a regular brew than convert to decaffeinated coffee? Change to a darker roast if you can. Because they are inherently less acidic, these beans could be less harmful to your digestive system.

Is It Dangerous To Rely On Coffee For Bowel Movements?

Gastroenterologists say it is acceptable to use your morning cup of coffee to stimulate your digestive tract.

But if you discover that you are frequently constipated, it is important to let your doctor know. Constipation is a common side effect of dehydration. Your doctor might advise you to consume more water and less caffeine since the caffeine in coffee has a diuretic effect in order to maintain the health of your digestive system.

Keep a watch out for side symptoms that might mean your caffeine intake is too much for you to handle, such as needing more and more caffeine to make a bowel movement. It could be time to reduce back if you frequently feel queasy, have stomach discomfort, or have difficulties falling asleep at night.

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Related questions

Q: How long does it take for coffee to make me poop?

A: The amount of time it takes for coffee to cause a bowel movement can vary from person to person, but it generally happens within an hour or two after drinking the coffee.

Q: Are there any natural remedies I can use to stop the coffee from making me poop?

A: Yes! Adding almond milk or oat milk to your coffee instead of regular dairy milk could help slow down how quickly the caffeine is absorbed by your body. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help flush out your system and reduce how much coffee affects your digestive system. Finally, if you find that caffeine is having too strong of an effect on your body, switching to decaffeinated or half-caf varieties of coffee may be beneficial.

Q: Should I stop drinking coffee altogether?

A: Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Caffeine can have both positive and negative effects on your health, so it’s important to assess how it makes you feel before making any decisions. If you do decide to stop drinking coffee, make sure to listen to your body and take things slowly. Sudden withdrawal from caffeine can cause headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.


When coffee makes you poop, it is because of the stomach contractions that coffee induces. This can be prevented by drinking coffee on an empty stomach or waiting 30 minutes after eating before having coffee. Coffee can also act as a natural laxative for some people. If you are someone who regularly has trouble going to the bathroom, then adding coffee to your diet may help with this issue. Finally, if you are interested in trying a different type of coffee that doesn’t make you poop, then decaf might be the way to go. Decaf coffee still has all of the other health benefits of regular coffee but without the side effect of making you poop.

If you have any other questions or tips about coffee and constipation, feel free to contact us through Angelo’s Burgers. We’d love to hear from you and help solve your problem.

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