How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer? – Safety Tips for Reheating

Use one of the 10 methods for reheating ribs to produce juicy, tasty results, and you’ll never have to throw away leftovers or settle for dry ribs again. How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer?

You used one of the greatest gas grills to have a wonderful barbeque, but you went a little crazy and cooked too much meat, so you now have a lot of leftover ribs.

The first thing to do is to immediately and carefully put them in the refrigerator or freezer.

The following? Of course, reheat the ribs! But do you know any of the 10 methods to reheat ribs?

Based on the time you have available and the outcomes you want, choose the approach.

Can You Reheat Ribs in the Air Fryer?

Yes! After reheating, an air fryer is a great kitchen tool to achieve crisp, juicy ribs.

How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer?

The quick warming is made possible by the hot air circulation that moves around the room quickly.

To achieve the same crispness and tenderness of freshly cooked ribs, all you need to do is add some sauce and a little oil.

The proper temperature and timing are other crucial factors. You can timing both of these down to a few seconds with an Airfryer and still get fantastic results.

The rapidity of reheating your ribs in the Airfryer is an additional advantage. Any other kitchen appliance, including the oven, cannot equal the speed at which food may be completely reheated.

The ribs also don’t dry out as they do in the microwave.

How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer?

Once you have your ribs ready to go, it’s time to heat them in the air fryer. Preheat your air fryer at 375 degrees Fahrenheit and line the basket with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Place your ribs in the basket of the air fryer, making sure they aren’t overlapping. Close the lid and let it cook for 8-10 minutes until heated through. Once cooked, remove from the air fryer and enjoy!

For extra flavor, brush a little barbecue sauce on top before popping them into the air fryer. This will caramelize slightly and give the ribs an even tastier finish. You can also spritz some apple cider vinegar onto each rib before heating for added tanginess.

If you’d like to make your ribs extra crispy, you can add a little bit of oil or butter to the parchment paper before heating in the air fryer. This helps form a nice golden and crunchy texture that is great for any type of barbecue meal.

Reheating ribs in an air fryer is quick and easy, but be sure not to overcook them as they can become dry and tough. If you are reheating leftovers, it may take even less time so keep an eye on them! Enjoy your delicious warm ribs with sides of potato salad, coleslaw, and other classic summer sides.

These are the detailed instructions you must adhere to:

Thaw Your Ribs

Take the ribs out of the freezer, like I do, a little bit before reheating. Give the rib a few hours to defrost.

You don’t have to wait until it reaches room temperature if you don’t have much time.

For the greatest effects, simply put it on the counter for an hour or so.

You may also wash them with water or put them in a dish of water to thaw them.

Get Your Air Fryer Ready

This is a crucial action. Your leftover ribs must be kept in a warm atmosphere. This will guarantee that your meat heats up quickly without becoming dry.

I use a temperature of 350° F for three to five minutes.

Cut into more compact pieces

On the barbecue, ribs may grow to be enormous. I cut them into riblets so they would fit easily into my Airfryer when I reheated them.

A space should be left between each riblet to allow for proper hot air circulation.

Coat Your Ribs

If your ribs are already covered in sauce, spread them out on the foil or liner before placing them in the air fryer basket.

If it doesn’t come with sauce, you can substitute beer, tomato ketchup, apple cider vinegar, or any other sauce of your choice. The sauce keeps the rib soft and juicy.

Spray or brush on some oil after that. Your ribs will get crispier on the exterior with a little oil coating.

Additionally, oil aids in preventing the meat from drying up when exposed to heated air circulation.

Enter the Settings

Your rib may now be heated up. For five minutes, enter the 350F–400F temperature range.

I prefer to cook in small bursts until the food is to my liking. I often check and remove the basket after four minutes.

I let it cook for an additional minute and a half and check it again if it hasn’t been warmed.

If you’re short on time, you can just reheat the frozen ribs in the air fryer right away.

Heat for 12–14 minutes at 350° F after the preheating stage.

Check With a Thermometer

Use a food-reading quick thermometer if you have one. Check the temperature inside.

A heated rib will be warmer than 75–80 °C. If not, continue warming the ribs in brief intervals until they are fully cooked.

Short cooking sessions prevent the meat from drying out or burning.How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer?

Give Some Downtime

Allow the ribs to rest or cool down for one minute after they have been cooked. Your fingers, lips, and tongue will be shielded from burning by doing this.


With your preferred barbecue sauce, serve the succulently moist and crispy ribs.

Safety Tips for Reheating Ribs in Air Fryer

Let me now discuss the precautions I take to keep my ribs palatable, soft, and delectable.

Slice the ribs into smaller pieces. Small portions facilitate rapid reheating. They are very simple to store. Just be cautious that the pieces are not too tiny, as they might quickly lose moisture and get rubbery.

Avoid storing the cooked ribs at room temperature for an extended period of time. As soon as they have cooled, store them. This will guarantee that the ribs don’t dry out and remain tasty and fresh. It’s preferable to put them in the fridge before the first hour is up.

How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer?

Wrap the piece of meat in foil to keep the sauce and moisture in. The foil should be placed in a zip-top bag and frozen.

The ribs get dry after being frozen and then reheated. You must re-marinate the ribs with any sauce, juice, or vinegar in order to make them juicy once again.

Never keep cooked ribs in storage for longer than four days. The texture and flavor of your ribs will be affected by the long-term storage negative effects. They could become tasteless and shrink in size. If you deep freeze them, you can extend the time restriction. The ribs can be frozen for two to three months.

FAQs about how to reheat ribs in air fryer

How Many Times Can I Reheat the Ribs?

You are welcome to reheat the ribs whenever you choose, but I wouldn’t suggest doing it more than once.

This is due to the fact that reheating will dry up your meat by sucking off moisture. Additionally, continuous warming reduces the nutritious content.

The flavor will also be negatively impacted by repeated reheating.

Remember to only reheat what you can consume.

How to Cook Pre-Cooked Ribs in the Airfryer?

Pre-cooked ribs are a quick and efficient method to satiate your desires.

Your air fryer needs five minutes at 350°F of preheating. Stack some aluminum foil on top of your ribs. Put 10 minutes on the timer.

Flip the ribs after around nine minutes. To acquire the ideal texture, set the timer for three to four more minutes.

How Long Can I Store Pre-Cooked Ribs?

Pre-cooked ribs can be kept in the refrigerator for three days. Pre-cooked ribs should not have their shelf life extended. Your meat’s quality and flavor will deteriorate.

Your pre-cooked ribs can keep for two to three months in the freezer. Make sure the container is well sealed.

The ribs’ flavor will deteriorate due to freezer burn if they are exposed to the freezer’s air.

How to Reheat Ribs in the Ninja Air Fryer?

Use the same approach. Your Ninja Airfryer should be preheated for five minutes at 350° F.

Your ribs should be marinated in sauce and oil. To prevent the sauce from oozing beneath the meat, you can use foil.

Heat for five minutes at 350F. Check the temperature inside. Give yourself a minute or two to rest. Serve with the barbecue sauce of your choice.

How Do I Reuse Leftover Ribs?

If you have leftover ribs and don’t want to eat them with a barbecue sauce as is customary, you may take the meat off the bone, combine it with your preferred topping, and make a pulled meat sandwich.

The beef chunks can also be combined with salsa and eaten with tacos or nachos.

How to Reheat Ribs in the Oven?

Wrapping the ribs with aluminum foil will allow you to reheat them in the oven. At 350F, preheat your oven for five minutes.

Put the foil-wrapped ribs inside. Open the foil after the ribs have reached 140 degrees (use an instant food thermometer to verify).

As soon as the internal temperature hits 150F, add sauce and rewrap the entire dish.

Final Words : how to reheat ribs in air fryer

How to Reheat Ribs In Air Fryer? The ideal method for warming your ribs is an air fryer. To get ribs with a crispy surface and a juicy, soft center, use the approach described above.

It only needs a small amount of remarination in your preferred sauce with a few drops of oil.

Cook the ribs until well cooked, about five minutes at 350° F. The temperature of the ribs can also be manually checked with an instant food thermometer.

Just be careful to properly store the ribs to prevent food contamination. Use the advice above to prepare a safe and delicious rib every time you want to indulge.

Happy shredding the ribs!

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