How to decorate a round coffee table?

Remember that a circular coffee table’s décor requires a bit more thought than a square one because unlike a square one, which often has plenty of room for your favorite stylistic items and area left over for functioning.

According to Lisa Kahn, “The impact of a well-appointed coffee table should not be neglected.” When individuals congregate in neighboring chairs, they frequently join at the space’s center. The items on the table may end up being used as a conversation starter, a mood booster, a display place for hobbies and collections, or a platform to highlight personal interests and connections with others.

How to decorate a round coffee table? When done correctly, decorating a circular coffee table can make it appear like a piece of jewelry in the space and serve as a superb focus point for tying the design of the area together. We made the decision to present you important ideas to consider while designing and assist you in making an effortlessly trendy coffee table in order to produce an aesthetically attractive setup and to enhance your living space.

How to decorate a round coffee table? – Easy way

Decorating a round coffee table can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and ideas to help you create an eye-catching look for your living room or other space where the table is located.

First, consider the shape of the table itself. How much space do you have around it? How tall is it in comparison to other pieces of furniture in the room? These factors will influence how you decorate the surface area. For example, if there’s limited space around the table, opt for minimal decorations such as a small vase or a tray with candles. If there’s more floor space available, consider placing a large statement piece like a sculpture or artwork on top of the table.

How to decorate a round coffee table 1 How to decorate a round coffee table?

In terms of color, it’s important to select accessories that work with the table’s existing shade. If your table is a darker hue, opt for lighter colors like white or cream for the decorations. If your coffee table is light, you can play around with different shades such as blues and greens to create contrast.

Once you have some ideas in mind, start arranging the items on top of your coffee table! You may have to experiment with different configurations before settling on one that works best. Group similar colors or shapes together for a cohesive look. If there are multiple objects on the surface area, make sure they all fit within arm’s reach so guests don’t have to stretch too far when grabbing them.

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Finally, don’t forget to accessorize around the table. Place a cozy rug underneath it and add some decorative pillows in complementary colors. If you have extra space, consider adding a few plants or art pieces on nearby shelves or walls.


It’s important to bear in mind that various coffee table forms result in various designed designs. This is due to the fact that you will need to operate under several tabletop parameters. The surface should be seen from all sides when styling a coffee table, which is particularly crucial for a round table. Avoid styling your outfit with all of your articles’ fronts facing the same direction.


Layering is a great method to give a room elegance and a cozy atmosphere. Consider textures as well as colors and textiles while layering. Make your coffee table’s dcor appear cohesive and integrated if it is made of a tactile substance, like wood or stone.

How to decorate a round coffee table How to decorate a round coffee table?

The ideal approach to decorate a coffee table and establish order on a table is with trays. On a wooden table, arrange some wooden dishes to make a pretty arrangement. Think about the tray’s finish and compare it to the table’s surface. It would appear classy to pair a dark wood platter with a light wood table.

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According to Lance Thomas, principal designer of Thomas Guy Interiors, “books, books, and more books” (opens in new tab). I enjoy creating equal portions on my coffee table and setting a stack of books in each one. My coffee table style is structured maximalism. Only when the coffee table is acting as the space hero do I go minimal. I’ve even been known to set a modest table lamp in one of those corners for a pleasant surprise in the form of ambient illumination.

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You could be tempted to put a stack of thin books on the table, which is OK if they are periodicals, but you want the books to be thick for a more eye-catching setting.

The topic of the book is another minor but crucial consideration. Look for books that are intriguing, such encyclopedias, books on renowned paintings, or superb prose books. This could urge the visitors to continue the chat when there is an uncomfortable pause. Sometimes the books will reflect your preferences and interests.

According to Charlotte Sitton, owner of Organised by Charlotte, “Depending on the size of the coffee table, you can pile three books on top of each other or spread them out if it’s a wider table into three heaps of two.” “It can seem intriguing and vibrant,”


Make sure your items are grouped together and placed in the middle of your circular coffee table. This will aid in establishing a focal point.

Set up pampas grass in a vase for the living room’s fall décor motif; this will produce a gorgeous, brown, autumnal atmosphere. Even dried twigs and leaves arranged in lovely vases will work, according to Ajay Arya, owner of A Square Designs (opens in new tab). If not, set the table with lovely cake stands and cookie jars in various designs. You may also arrange cut fruit for an eye-catching vignette.


Give each of your living room’s two circular coffee tables a distinctive design if you have two of them. The other can serve as a display unit for intriguing sculptures, while the first can contain books and attractive boxes. Boxes on a coffee table might conceal a gem you wish to unveil upon closer study or store clutter (such as remote controls or coasters), according to Interiors by Popov creator Anna Popov (opens in new tab).

These resemble the little storage units used in living rooms. She proposes utilizing boxes in unique sizes and forms made of materials like wood, crystal, mother of pearl, and raffia.

How to decorate a round coffee table 2 How to decorate a round coffee table?


According to Alison Hughes, interiors director at Coast Road Furniture, one of the nicest things about the incoming season is the changes it ushers in for the outside world (opens in new tab). However, this does not preclude you from appreciating fall nature in your own house. You may enjoy many different aspects of the season in your living room. For instance, Alison suggests creating an autumnal bouquet and setting it on the coffee table in your favorite vase. “A wide variety of vibrant flowers, such as chrysanthemums, asters, and poppies, are in bloom next season.”

Looking to already give your living area a holiday feel? For your coffee table, think about a floral arrangement for Christmas!

Related questions

Q: How much clearance do I need around a round coffee table?

A: It depends on the size of the table and how many items you plan to put on top of it. Generally speaking, leave at least 18-24 inches of clearance around the edges for comfortable movement.

Q: How can I make my round coffee table stand out?

A: Try adding an eye-catching centerpiece such as a sculpture or artwork. You can also use contrasting colors to make the table more noticeable; for example, if your table is a darker color, opt for lighter decor pieces to create contrast.

Q: How should I arrange decorations on my coffee table?

A: Group similar items together and make sure that all of the objects are within arm’s reach so guests don’t have to stretch too far when grabbing them. Experiment with different configurations and choose one that fits the style of your space.


A round coffee table is a great way to add some surface area to your room without taking up too much space. There are many different ways you can style and decorate a round coffee table, so have fun exploring all the possibilities! Thanks for reading and good luck with your own home decorating projects!

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