Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer – The Pros and Cons

The Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer, with a capacity of 26 quarts, is the company’s largest air fryer.

Here’s the deal: This air fryer will be the ideal addition to your kitchen because of its style! This air fryer will stand out from competing models because of its elegant, aluminum frame structure and french door.

It goes without saying that its capacity and design are only the beginning. The Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer is more functional.

It contains 24 automated cooking features as a teaser!

Let’s start by examining its advantages and disadvantages.


Special, elegant design

10-in-1 device with 24 cooking options

has rotisserie capabilities

More food can fit in a rectangular basket.

Heat-producing airflow

26-quart volume

(75-500°F) Wide temperature range

Stainless steel components

simple to clean

include a recipe book

a 12-month replacement warranty


premium spending

occupies a lot of area

The grill needs to be improved

5 inches of free space are needed all around.

In the Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer, what can you cook?

The Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer 360 features several programs, as was described in the introduction and pros list.

Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Frye

It is a 10-in-1 air fryer that can be used to air fry, broil, toast, roast, rotisserie, grill, proof, slow cook, dehydrate, and bake.

For only one appliance, that’s a lot.

To that end, below are some recipes (types) you might want to try:

Fish, Slow Cook, Steak, Dehydrate, Pizza, Veggies, Toast

Better still?

The booklet with 20 FREE recipes that comes with the Emeril Lagasse 26 Qt Extra Large Air Fryer is included! As a result, you avoid having to deal with a trying and failing scenario. Your first usage will go easily thanks to the recipe book and fast start guide.

Let’s get to it:

26-quart does not accurately represent its capacity. But it’s not always a terrible thing.

It can mostly accommodate a 12-inch pizza or a 6-pound chicken. And unlike smaller air fryers, it still provides good airflow for full chicken recipes because of its total size.

For some recipes, the crisper tray can only hold about 5 servings. Although still significant, it is by no means “26 quarts.”

As a result, you want to think about the Cuisinart Large AirFryer Toaster Oven or the Ninja DT251 if you’re seeking for a larger air fryer.

How about the caution?

Juicy recipes will produce a smokey sensation comparable to the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill since the drip tray is placed behind the heating element.

In addition, the bottom heating element’s construction isn’t the best for grilling. In contrast to true indoor grills like the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Grill, it won’t produce even or quick cooking.

In reality, several companies have developed their bottom heating element in a distinctive way. For greater outcomes, Instant Omni Plus, for instance, uses infrared heating. Second, the M-shaped bottom heating element of the Cosori Dual Blaze ensures a uniform dispersion of heat.

Fortunately, the heating element’s design still works in favor of the Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer experience as a whole. In essence, you can quickly and simply prepare dinner on a hectic night.

Is Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer 360 easy to use?

Starting off this part, let’s address the proverbial “elephant in the room.” Is it simpler to employ the french door design?

Here’s the thing: I used a french door oven in a business environment for more than a year. Sincerely speaking, there isn’t much of a benefit above the conventional dropdown approach. (However, it is unquestionably superior to the side swing door.)

However, don’t you agree that a french door ups the cool factor?

A different thought:

Imagine how content you would be when your meal is consistently prepared to perfection. It’s no longer necessary to repeatedly consult the handbook to determine whether anything is too near or distant from the heating element. Simply adhere to the door’s markings for consistently great results!

Better still?

The French door air fryer by Emeril Lagasse features 24 automated settings! All the guessing may be done by the machine, and all you have to worry about is where to put the food. And of course, savor your meal.

Sadly, there is a catch: selecting programs isn’t straightforward. The programs are not buttons, but rather a dial that allows you to navigate through them.

Please understand that a dial is excellent for altering numerical values. But in this instance, it’s useless.

How to clean Emeril Lagasse French Door 26-Qt. Air Fryer 360?

The fact that the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher is the nicest part! As a consequence, cleaning after the event will be a snap!

Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Frye

You also don’t need to bother about manually cleaning the machine’s bottom because there is a drip tray. Any food residue will be collected in the drip tray, which is once again dishwasher safe!

After it has cooled down, all that has to be done with the device itself is to wipe it clean with a moist towel.

See Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer in action

Instead than taking my word for it, watch Colleen’s quick video example.

The Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer is a large countertop oven that can cook for 4-6 people at once and has a capacity of 26 quarts. Naturally, it results in meals with around 70% less fat than traditional deep frying. more significant Cooking is a straightforward process thanks to its 24 automated programs.

Is Emeril Lagasse’s French Door Air Fryer worth it?

The French Door 26 Qt Extra Large Air Fryer by Emeril Lagasse is a superior multipurpose air frying appliance. It not only offers ten key features that will replace some of your appliances, but it also has an amazing appearance!

A multifunctional kitchen equipment is always a good choice, right?

However, it is more on the expensive side; so, if you’re searching for a more cost-effective model, choose the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL. Although it is different, the air fryer is still remarkable and reasonably priced.

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