Crux Air Fryer Review – A Complete Review of Crux Air Fryer

Make nutritious dishes with the Crux air fryer. The Crux 6 Qt. a digital air fryer leads the list of the best despite having several distinct variants. It is strong and has a nice design. Its stainless steel heating components deliver quick and equal heating. The user-friendly touchscreen control panel on this air fryer makes it very simple to use. Crux Air Fryer Review

With the Crux 6 Qt. air fryer digital, you can securely create dishes like chicken, fish, fries, and other items. It has a sizable capacity that makes it possible to prepare meals for a household of five to seven people.

We will thus give this Crux air fryer a thorough assessment in this guide. Additionally, we’ll let you know what the greatest option is for the Crux 6 Qt. digital air fryer.

What Is an Air Fryer?

A countertop convection oven with air frying and baking capabilities is called an air fryer. One of the most sorted out kitchen appliances by homeowners is this one. For instance, over 40% of houses in the U.S. have air fryers.

You may cook a variety of foods using the air fryer, including pizza, chicken, fish, and veggie fries.

Crux Air Fryer Review

Information on Crux The Crux is a home kitchen appliance founded in New York City. They produce the top-notch home kitchen equipment. So, if you’re looking for a blender, coffee grinder, toaster, air fryer, stove, etc., this is the ideal brand to seek for.

Why Do We Select the Crux 6 Qt. Digital Air Fryer?

What are some of the benefits of purchasing the Crux 6 Qt. digital air fryer? This section contains learn why to choose this Crux air fryer model.

Large Capacity

How many people are in your family? You should consider that feature among others before purchasing an air fryer. The five-pound food capacity of the Crux 6 Qt. digital air fryer is available. A family of five to seven people may live off of this.


This air fryer needs 1700 watts of power to operate. Meals are cooked quickly and uniformly as a result. The heating element for the Crux 6 Qt. is also composed of stainless steel. This shortens the cooking time while also accelerating it.

Technology of Circular Heat

This air fryer employs circular heat technology to cook dishes that are crispy and uniformly done. The use of technology guarantees that food is heated evenly. Additionally, it offers quick cooking.

Easy to Control

The control panel for Crux 6 Qt. is simple to use. You can easily regulate the air fryer as a result. Its control panel is split into a touchscreen and dial sections. to modify the panel’s cooking time and temperature settings. Additionally, the LCD on the front of the air fryer allows you to see the cooking temperature and time.

8 Presets for Cooking

You have eight options for cooking. This enables you to cook various dishes. Some air fryers have restrictions on what you may cook. When you have a 6 Qt. Crux air fryer, this is not the case.

Automatic Shut Off

This is a safety precaution implemented by the manufacturer to prevent damage to the air fryer from overheating or cooking. A maximum of 60 minutes may be spent cooking. Therefore, the air fryer turns off on its own when a certain cooking period has passed and it has reached that setting.

A Wide Range of Cooking Temperatures

Between 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooking temperature may be adjusted. You may adjust the necessary temperature depending on the dish you are making without worrying about over- or under-cooking because there is no temperature control.


The preheat function is an additional feature that promotes quick cooking. The air fryer warms up rapidly, which reduces the amount of energy it uses. Crux claims that this function uses up to 45% less energy.

Easy to Clean

As you need to create nutritious meals, your kitchen equipment should be clean. Crux made sure that everyone can easily clean the 6 Qt. digital air fryer. The safe pan and crisping pan are dishwasher-safe, non-stick, and PFOA-free.

Less Fat, 88%

You run the risk of ingesting too much fat from deep-fried food, which can lead to diseases like diabetes and obesity. However, this won’t occur with the Crux 6 Qt. air fryer because air frying decreases food fat by 88%. This is better for you and decreases your consumption of cholesterol.

Pros and Cons of Crux 6 Qt. Air Fryer

After going over the arguments, you ought to think about purchasing the Crux air fryer. Here are its benefits and drawbacks.


preparation of meals quickly and evenly

easy to use

Make wholesome meals.

simple to clean



Not ideal for families with more than seven members.

Crux Air Fryer Review

Alternative Air Fryer: Proscenic T21

Let’s say the Crux 6 Qt. air fryer digital does not impress you. The Proscenic T21 is an alternative that we have for you. There is a strong and reasonably priced air fryer on the market. App control is one feature that distinguishes it as an innovative air fryer.

Imagine unwinding on your plush couch while checking your smartphone to see how your supper is cooking. How awesome? Yes, you may take advantage of this when you purchase the Proscenic T21 air fryer.

The features of this clever air fryer by Proscenic are listed below.


The T21 offers a preheat option to speed up cooking and conserve energy. Before cooking a dinner, turn on this feature for three to five minutes (s).

Hot Air Technology in Rapids

Rapid hot air technology is used in this air fryer to quickly and evenly cook food. In the air fryer, this method produces heat with great intensity and even distribution. As a result, the food cooks evenly throughout.

Broad Capacity

The Proscenic T21 allows you to easily prepare meals for three to seven people. Because of its 5.8 Qt capacity, this is. Regarding capacity, there is almost any difference between the Crux and Proscenic air fryers. However, the T21’s frying basket is square, whereas the Crux’s is round.

Non-Stick Basket

The Proscenic T21’s frying basket is composed of aluminum. The T21’s basket is strong when compared to other brands whose baskets are constructed of iron. It has two layers of Teflon coating to help prevent food from sticking.

Appliance Safe

Because the T21 is dishwasher safe, cleaning it is easy. Because they are non-stick and detachable, the basket and drawer are simple to clean.

LED Panel With Touch Support

Because the control panel is touch-enabled and LED, choosing a cooking menu or function is simple. You may now manually alter settings thanks to this.

Wide Temperature Range

Depending on the type of food you are making, you may choose the cooking temperature. The temperature range of T21 is 171 to 401 degrees Fahrenheit.

Functions in Combination

When cooking a dinner, choose the menu, make a plan, and maintain a warm environment. Additionally, you can decide between two of the aforementioned combination functions based on your preferences.

Less Fat by 85%

Pay attention to how much fat you consume during meals. You have a far higher likelihood of acquiring heart conditions, obesity, or diabetes if you consume more fat. This shouldn’t happen because the Proscenic T21 makes sure your meals include 85% less fat.

Schedule Cooking

In the upcoming twelve hours, will you be busy? Given that, you should eat as well. You don’t have to stress about dinner preparation when you use the T21. Simply plan your cooking for twelve hours in advance and focus on your responsibilities.

Numerous Recipes

The ProscenicHome app may be downloaded to access hundreds of recipes. This enables you to prepare a variety of dishes that you haven’t cooked recently.

Voice Control and App

The ProscenicHome app or the Alexa voice assistant may be used to manage or monitor this air fryer, making use of it simple. They serve as manual control substitutes.

Crux Air Fryer Review


Crux and Proscenic are at the top of the list of the finest air fryers available; nevertheless, as you can see, there are some distinctions between these kitchen equipment. Following our analysis, we suggest that you purchase the Proscenic T21. It uses less energy and has a larger cooking surface than the Crux air fryer. Purchase the Proscenic T21 now by going to Proscenic.

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