Can you microwave a pop tart?

Since the summer of ’64, Pop Tarts have been an American favorite, right out of the toaster and onto the breakfast table. But are these cakes suitable for cooking in the microwave oven? We did some testing and contacted the Kellogg Company for their advice. This is what we discovered. can you microwave a pop tart?

Are pop tarts suitable for heating in the microwave?

Although the recommended method for heating pop tarts is in the toaster, our tests found them to be microwaveable. Heat cakes unwrapped on high for 3 seconds or until you are satisfied with their temperature. The fillings will get very hot if cooked too long, so be careful when eating to avoid burns.

Kellogg’s, the creator of Pop Tarts, doesn’t seem to have a unified opinion on this issue. Its North American packaging recommends 3 seconds in the microwave. It is true that this is a very short period of time! We can only assume that this advice is given to avoid legal claims resulting from customer burns.

can you microwave a pop tart

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world like Australia, they are not taking chances. As you can see below, I was told not to microwave pop tarts.

Our Results

We decided that the only way to get answers was to compare the heating of a toaster with a microwave. Here’s what we found:

  • Both options worked well, although heating with a toaster was best.
  • The puff pastry was crispier using a toaster.
  • the interior becomes “hot lava” if overcooked in the microwave.
  • busy people can save a minute by using a microwave.

How do I heat Pop Tarts in the microwave?

Follow these instructions if you need to microwave your Pop Tarts.

  1. Remove foil wrapper from Pop Tarts and place on microwave-safe plate. If you do not remove the packaging, expect a small fire, which could develop into a large fire.
  2. Place the dish in the middle of the microwave and heat for 3 seconds, because that’s what Kellogg’s advises. Once you realize it’s too short, continue heating in 5-second bursts until you can feel the pie is hot.
  3. Remove the pastry and carefully cut or slice the tart in half to check the internal temperature. This is the step where you need to be careful not to burn yourself.

can you microwave a pop tart

Safety Tip: As mentioned above, Pop Tarts can get dangerously hot on the inside, even when they’re not hot on the outside. We strongly recommend not microwaving Pop Tarts and then giving them to children or anyone who is not careful. Let cool slightly before eating.

Alternate Cooking Method:

The Teepee If you’re planning on heating up 3 or more Pop Tarts, try using the teepee method. The only difference from the previous steps is that you will place each tart on its end against the other tarts, like a teepee.

Placing them vertically will keep them off the plate. It won’t crisp up your exterior like a toaster does, but it will help keep them from getting soggy.

How long should I microwave Pop Tarts?

Microwave cooking times will vary depending on your brand and power. Using an 800 watt microwave, heating for 10 seconds should warm them up; cook for about 20 seconds to completely melt on the inside.

How to cook Pop Tarts in the toaster?

  1. Remove the Pop Tarts from their bag. If you only want one, store the second in an airtight container or zip-lock bag.
  2. Add the pies vertically (horizontally they don’t fit lol) to a toaster and set to the lowest setting. Start heating up, should take 1-2 minutes depending on your toaster.
  3. Carefully scoop up the Pop Tarts and transfer to a plate. Never use a fork, knife, or any metal object to remove food from a toaster.

How to eat pop tarts?

Pop Tarts are delicious eaten on their own or as a substitute for Graham Crackers when making s’mores. They can be crumbled over desserts like parfaits, layered on trifles, or blended into a smoothie.

can you microwave a pop tart

For the best sweet fix, sandwich ice cream between two Pop Tarts for an enviable ice cream sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pop tarts supposed to be toasted?

Pop Tarts come pre-cooked, making them suitable for toasting or eating straight from the bag. Some people enjoy freezing Pop Tarts and eating them straight from the freezer.

Where can I buy Pop-Tarts?

You can buy Pop Tarts at most grocery stores or other large retailers like Target or Walmart. If you’re having trouble finding them in a store near you, they’re available from online stores like Amazon.

When you toast Pop Tarts, does the frosting melt?

The frosting on Pop Tarts is made to cook in a toaster oven, so it won’t melt or run. However, it will get very hot if overcooked, so be careful once they are cooked.

How do I store Pop Tarts?

Pop Tarts can be stored unopened in the pantry for 6 to 12 months. Once opened, they will last 7-14 days before they lose their quality. Pop Tarts can also be frozen in freezer-safe bags or airtight containers.

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