Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

Have you ever considered what it may be like to prepare tea in a coffee maker? Can you make tea in a coffee maker?  If you haven’t, here is your moment to not just consider it but also take action. Unbelievably, a coffee maker works just as well for brewing tea as it does for producing coffee.

First of all, let me emphasize that this is a terrible idea.

Below, we’ll go into more depth about why.I do, however, comprehend the query.

You want to begin consuming loose leaf tea, but you don’t want to be forced to purchase a lot of accessories. Why shouldn’t it work when you already have a coffee machine and hot water is used to produce both coffee and tea?

There are a couple issues with that way of thinking, though.

First off, no special equipment is needed to make tea. You already have all you require, I can assure you of that. More about that is included further down.

Additionally, if you want many cups of tea, you may brew them simultaneously in a coffee machine and keep them warm. Find out how by reading on.

Can You Brew Tea In A Coffee Maker?

Yes, a typical countertop coffee machine will work just fine to brew tea. I’ll demonstrate how below, but I don’t advise doing it.

Can you make tea in a coffee maker Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

It doesn’t matter if you load a coffee maker with tea or coffee because all it is is a device that sends hot water through a basket filled with anything you wish to put in it.

But hold off on pouring your pricey loose leaf tea into the filter basket of your coffee maker just yet! It is not a good idea for a variety of reasons.

And things are a little different if you use a coffee machine that uses pods. Can you use a Keurig to brew tea? Yes, really in a variety of ways. To learn more, read the article.

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Advantages of making tea in a coffee maker

You can use a coffee maker to make tea

-No special equipment is required

-The water temperature does not need to be as precise


  • Tea cannot be made in coffee machines.
  • The outcomes might not be as nice as if you used a tea maker.
  • The water could be too warm or too chilly.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Tea In A Coffee Maker

  • No accounting for steep time
  • Can’t be precise with water temperature
  • Intense cleaning process to get it ready
  • It’s not the proper way to make tea

Steep Time Issue

There is no method to instruct a typical coffee maker to let the tea steep for a specific period of time before releasing the water into the carafe while making tea. The majority of loose leaf teas, which must steep for a specific period of time, have a serious issue with this.

Tea that hasn’t been steeped for long enough will be weak and flavorless. Too much brewing leads to bitterness. I don’t prepare tea in the coffee machine because of this reason alone.

Water Temperature

This is also a major problem. Water is often heated in coffee makers to a temperature just below boiling. For ideal brewing, black tea requires water that is close to the same temperature. The majority of herbal teas are similar.

However, colder water should be used to prepare other kinds of tea. 10–15 degrees below boiling is the ideal temperature for oolong tea. Another 10 to 20 degrees should be added for green and white tea.

This indicates that water used in a coffee maker is far too hot for oolong tea and green or white tea. Another reason to avoid brewing tea in a coffee maker is that too-hot water makes for a bitter cup of tea.

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Coffee Maker Cleaning Issue

It will take considerable effort to clean weeks or maybe months’ worth of coffee residue from a coffee maker. To get rid of all the accumulated brown coffee filth on a coffee machine, use hot water and white vinegar.

Additionally, don’t even consider leaving it! You won’t want to recreate the unpleasant coffee bitterness if you’ve ever had a wonderful cup of green tea brewed using a coffee machine.

However, the stench of vinegar isn’t much better, so you must be sure to rinse it off as well. Additionally, you will need to clean the carafe and every plastic component, including the water reservoir and the basket.

Not the Proper Way to Make Tea

This one is more of a main complaint. Simply put, I object to the notion of brewing tea in this manner.

If you are British or from another western nation, you should use a teapot, teacup, and saucer to enjoy your tea. When holding the cup, your pinky will protrude if you are going ham.

If you prefer the Asian method, you should use a gaiwan, yixing, or kysusu to brew your tea.

In the end, why would you want to destroy loose leaf tea by brewing it in a coffee machine if you went to the bother of purchasing it?

To use a coffee machine to prepare your priceless coffee just seems wrong at the very least, and blasphemous at the worst.

Best Ways to Brew Tea in a Coffee Maker

Can you make tea in a coffee maker 1 Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

Tea in a Coffee Maker – Step 1

The coffee maker has to be thoroughly cleaned of any coffee residue as a first step. One of the most crucial procedures before boiling tea in a coffee maker is this one. However, your tea won’t taste all that great if you don’t clean the coffee machine. Additionally, the coffee will taste stale from hanging around for days.

Cleaning a coffee machine with these steps:

In the coffee maker, mix a half cup of vinegar with some water. begin brewing but without any coffee or tea Discard the vinegar water. To get rid of vinegar and water stains, run hot water.

Determine Measures

The next step is to check the back of each tea packaging to see how much water is advised to drink with it. Additionally, doubling the ratio of tea to water will get the greatest flavor. This measurement approach is the finest since it allows you to account for how rapidly water evaporates from tea leaves while making tea in a coffee maker. Typically, one bag of tea should be used for every 6 or 8 ounces of water.

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Final Preparations

The last minute preparations before beginning the brewing process must be made at this stage. Start by adding the appropriate quantity of water to the carafe. After that, fill the coffee machine with water. Place a coffee filter in the coffee maker’s basket following that. You probably carry out this action when making coffee. The only difference is that tea is included this time. The loose tea should then be poured into the filter once the tea bags have been opened.

Brewing Tea in a Coffee Maker

This is the last phase, I suppose. Once you’ve completed all the processes up to this point, you may start brewing as usual. To establish the flavor and obtain the greatest taste, it’s always a good idea to let the tea sit once brewing is complete for a few minutes. Finally, you may either drink your tea hot or you can chill it by adding ice. So that’s it, then. Simple methods may be followed to prepare tea in a coffee machine. Now is the moment to attempt it if you’ve never done it before. Visit Angelo’s Burgers for further information on tea brewing methods and recipes.


We have only discussed the regular automatic drip coffee maker up to this point. But did you know that you can also prepare tea using other coffee brewing techniques, such as a French press coffee maker? Although it requires more time, the result can be a cup with richer flavor!

Can you make tea in a coffee maker 1 Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

An electric or stovetop percolator is another option. In a coffee percolator, water is heated to boiling point at the bottom before being shot up a tube and sprayed over your delicate leaves or bags. However, be aware that if you add tea leaves, they could leave behind residue in the tubes and ruin the flavor of subsequent coffee brews.

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Related questions

Q. Can I make more than one cup of tea at a time in a coffee maker?

A. Yes, you can brew multiple servings of tea at once in your coffee maker, as long as it is large enough to accommodate the amount of tea desired. However, if you are making different types of teas, it is best to make each type separately so as not to mix flavors.

Q. Can I use loose leaf or bagged tea when making tea in my coffee maker?

A. Yes, either type of tea can be used when brewing tea in a coffee maker – just be sure to use the same kind of filter or basket that you would for coffee grounds.

Q. Can I re-use the same filter or basket for both coffee and tea?

A. Yes, you can use the same filter for both purposes; however, be sure to clean it thoroughly after each use so that no residue remains that could affect the taste of either beverage.

Q. Can I use regular tap water to make tea in my coffee maker?

A. Yes, you can use tap water when making tea; however, for the best flavor results, it is recommended that you use filtered or spring water. This will help to remove any impurities that may affect the taste of your tea.

Final thoughts

If you’re in a pinch and need to make tea, you can try using a coffee maker. While it’s not the ideal way to make tea, it will get the job done if you don’t have access to a kettle. Be sure to use loose leaf tea and let the water cool for a few minutes before brewing so that your tea doesn’t end up bitter. Have you ever made tea in a coffee maker? Let us know in the comments below!

It is not recommended to make tea in a coffee maker. The water used to brew coffee is typically between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the ideal water temperature for brewing tea is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. This difference in temperature can cause your tea leaves to become overcooked, leading to a bitter taste. If you find yourself without a teapot, boil water on the stove and then let it cool for about 2 minutes before pouring over your tea leaves. Or, contact us through Angelo’s Burgers and we would be happy to help you out!

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