Can you drink coffee with braces?

To address biting, crowding, and other common dental disorders, braces are an orthodontic tool. And although while Invisalign has undoubtedly created a name for itself in the dentistry sector, many individuals, especially teenagers, still have conventional braces that are constructed of wire and brackets.

Can you drink coffee with braces? The restrictions that braces bring about in terms of eating choices are one of the main drawbacks. Some foods and beverages can discolor braces or become stuck in them. What meals and beverages should be avoided, though? Does this list contain coffee? While wearing braces, you can drink coffee, but to prevent stains you may want to rinse your mouth out or clean your teeth afterward.

Should You Drink Coffee With Braces? (Different Types) 

Two main types of orthodontic appliances are used during orthodontic treatments:

clear aligner braces (clear braces)
standard metal braces (or ceramic)

Depending on the type of braces they wear, coffee enthusiasts who wish to drink coffee with them have varied possibilities.

Here is a brief explanation:

Can you drink coffee with braces 1 Can you drink coffee with braces?

Invisalign (Clear Braces) 

Clear braces like Invisalign trays are removable from your teeth. They are normally simple to remove and replace, which makes it much simpler to consume and drink any meal.

It is not recommended to consume hot liquids while using Invisalign trays, such as soup, coffee, or tea.

This is so that your treatment will not be affected by the fact that Invisalign aligners are constructed of plastic and can distort when heated.

Additionally, coffee might discolor your clear braces. It negates the idea of them being invisible if they are soiled. Aligners from Invisalign will continue to be imperceptible to the naked eye if properly maintained.

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However, people with Invisalign braces can safely drink coffee as long as they take them off first and then put them back on again.

If you want to drink coffee but can not take off your Invisalign clear braces, stick to sipping iced coffee while wearing braces.

This could discolor your brace but should guarantee that the Invisalign trays are well sealed.

Traditional Braces 

Traditional metal or ceramic is often used to make braces. You usually can not remove them since they are connected to your teeth, but you can still drink coffee with them.

Ceramic braces will not stain because they were made to withstand all stains. The brace’s rubber bands, however, have a tendency to discolor with time.

If you often consume coffee or other dark-colored beverages, metal braces may become stained.

When wearing conventional braces, you can drink coffee, but you should rinse your teeth straight away thereafter.

Additionally, to prevent any stains, consider drinking coffee and other alternatives for dark-colored beverages using a straw.

Top 6 Tips for Minimizing Braces Discomfort

When braces are first placed on, they could feel a little strange. And overcoming other obstacles could be possible by learning to eat and converse with them. However, there are certain ways you can ease this adjustment; your teeth and gums will appreciate it.

Can you drink coffee with braces Can you drink coffee with braces?

Before Leaving the Orthodontist, Check Your Supplies

Your orthodontist should provide you with a few items to assist you care for your braces before you leave. This frequently consists of toothpicks, gum wax, cleaning tools, and rubber bands. Additionally, be sure to quickly inspect your braces to identify any rough spots that might itch your gums.

Simply run your tongue or finger over the top and bottom of your braces to feel for any sharp or rough edges.

Try to Survive the First Week

Typically, the first week of wearing braces is the most challenging, particularly when it comes to eating and speaking. It will hurt and feel unpleasant in your mouth. There is not really any way to get around it with all the new hardware that is shifting your teeth.

Salt water may be beneficial in the early stages to lessen discomfort and tongue and gum irritation. Furthermore, it could be considerably milder than mouthwash. But keep in mind that discomfort will pass, and within a few weeks, you will feel more at ease wearing them (and flossing with them).

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Get a List of Foods to Avoid from Your Orthodontist

One of the most challenging things to prepare for is eating. You must stay away from certain meals, particularly chewy, sticky, or hard foods, to protect your braces. However, there are times when you may just chop the meal into smaller chunks to avoid having to use your front teeth to bite into it.

Therefore, things like popcorn, caramel, pizza, and heavy sandwiches might not be a good idea. Additionally, keep in mind that certain foods can easily become trapped in your braces, make the wires droop, or break the brackets, necessitating a second visit to the orthodontist. It is therefore necessary to be cautious during the first few weeks.

Use Wax for Your Lips & Gums

Your new braces will irritate the mouth’s inside by rubbing against it. Although braces are designed to be pleasant on your mouth, getting used to them may take some time. Wax can be used to reduce pain as your mouth adjusts to them.

You only need to rub the wax over the back of your lips to apply it. If you have wax, always carry it with you. And before you go, do not be hesitant to ask your dentist for more wax.

Can you drink coffee with braces 2 Can you drink coffee with braces?

Brush and Floss Regularly

Even though brushing and flossing are more challenging when you have braces, these maintenance procedures are essential for keeping your braces and teeth clean and preventing issues like cavities and food that has been stuck (which can damage your braces).

You need to brush your teeth more thoroughly if you want to avoid cavities being caused by bad bacteria growing in your mouth. Yes, at first it may seem like a pain, but it is well worth it. Typically, orthodontists would advise you to brush or cleanse your teeth after each meal. Therefore, this can need you to always travel with a toothbrush and floss.

Consider a Mouthguard

In order to protect your mouth and your braces if you play sports, you might also require a mouthguard. When wearing braces, falls and bumps can result in significant injuries including ruptured wires, bleeding gums, and cuts. A mouthguard can stop the majority of these injuries. A mouthguard costs around $12 and is available from sports goods stores or on

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Other Beverages That Should Be Avoided When You Have Braces 

Apart from coffee, most dentists advise you to avoid any dark-colored drinks and sugary drinks to maintain the health of your teeth, particularly if you have metal braces or Invisalign.

Here are a few examples:


Like coffee, tea and iced tea are very pigmented and can stain your teeth in addition to the clear elastic bands or brackets of your braces. Your teeth may accumulate minerals as a result of the stains, which may cause decay.

If you really must continue drinking tea, consider switching to iced tea so that you may sip it via a straw more conveniently than hot tea. To get rid of any residue, you can clean your teeth soon away after drinking them.


Even if you do not have braces, soda is one of the unhealthiest drinks and should not be drank frequently. This beverage includes acid, which can erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

If you decide to drink soda while wearing braces, make sure you do it through a straw and immediately after you have finished.

Red Wine

Like coffee, red wine may discolor your teeth. This is due to the fact that red wine includes tannin, acids, and natural dyes that will stain both your brace and teeth.

If you do consume red wine, you should wash your teeth right away to maintain oral hygiene.

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Sports Drink 

Sports beverages include a lot of sugar. For instance, the fruit juices used in sports drinks have a high sugar content and are inherently acidic. Both of these components have the potential to impair tooth structure and promote decay.

Lemon-flavored sports drinks should also be avoided since the acids in them, especially if they are constantly in touch with your teeth, can damage the enamel’s top layer.

Related questions

Q: Can I drink regular coffee with braces?

A: Yes, you can drink regular coffee with braces; however, make sure to be mindful of how you’re consuming your beverage and avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks that are acidic or high in sugarcontent.

Q: Can I drink decaf coffee with braces?

A: Yes, decaf coffee is a great option for individuals with braces as it typically has lower levels of acidity than regular coffee.

Q: Can I use a straw when drinking coffee with braces?

A: It is best to avoid using a straw when drinking anything, including coffee, while wearing braces. This can cause damage to the brackets and wires attached to your teeth. Instead, try gently sipping from the cup or mug instead.

Q: Can I add milk to my coffee with braces?

A: Yes, you can add milk or other non-acidic liquids such as almond or oat milk to your coffee. However, be sure to drink your beverage slowly and avoid stirring the liquid too vigorously when adding these ingredients.

Final thoughts

It is important to know what you can and cannot buy with your food stamps. While coffee may not be the healthiest item on the grocery list, it is a common purchase for those who use food stamps. The bottom line is that you can buy coffee with food stamps as long as it is ground coffee and not instant coffee or K-cups.

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