Bella Air Fryer Review – About the Size, Price, Controls

This Bella Air Fryer review lists the product’s advantages and disadvantages. Bella Air Fryer Review

Review of Bella Air Fryer

In the Angelo’s Burger, we’ve experimented with six different air fryers. The Circular Air Fryer, Phillips Air Fryer, Power Air Fryer XL, and two others performed so horribly that I didn’t want to spend my time writing about them. This one is from Bella. Model 14538 is being tested.

The Specs

The Bella Air Fryer is an air convection fryer that cooks your food by “frying” it in one tablespoon of oil.

1500 watt convection circulation system, dimensions 12.28″H x 10.35″W x 13.03″D.

Manufacturer’s limited warranty two-year warranty

includes a 2.5-liter nonstick frying pan (dishwasher safe)

comprises a nonstick pan for holding the basket (dishwasher safe)

400°F maximum temperature setting.

Timing: 60 minutes

Bella Air Fryer Review

Compact size

Of all the air fryers we’ve evaluated, the Bella Air Fryer is the smallest. 2.2 pounds of food may fit in the 2.5 liter frying basket. Pounds of food may not be the greatest approach to convey the machine’s capacity.

PRO: This is a good size for two to three adults, or perhaps a family with young children.

CON: Despite being lightweight and portable, the machine is difficult to move due to its unusual size and form. not a handle. You kind of have to embrace it or simply grab it with your side hands.

Minimal controls

Modern tiny appliances have a lot of buttons, levers, and choices, which is one of my pet peeves. Some more recent tiny appliances have a “minimalistic” design that uses symbols and graphics rather than text, however usability is really much hindered by this. Recently, we tried a few toaster ovens, and one of them had cryptic iconography, so I had to keep the manual close by at all times. To create a loaf of bread in a bread machine that we tested last year, I had to touch at least 5 distinct buttons, each having at least 6 settings.

Even my Williams Sonoma-purchased Philips air fryer is unclear; does a single beep and a flashing light indicate that the appliance has finished preheating or that my meal is ready?

Bella Air Fryer Review

The controls on the Bella Air Fryer are simple to use and comprehend. Set the dial to the preferred position. Done.

This air fryer is for those who dislike reading instruction manuals from cover to cover. This would be the air fryer I would get for my folks. A useful chart for time/temperature for particular dishes, such as fried chicken, fresh french fries, frozen french fries, etc., is included in the instruction handbook.

PRO: Simple to use and comprehend.

Does it fry?

It does, really. As long as the basket isn’t overfilled, the Bella Air Fryer works wonderfully. With just 1 tablespoon of oil, it creates enough fries for 2 adults. About 4-5 pieces of chicken can fit in the basket, but you must arrange them so that they don’t heavily overlap.

PRO: Does a good job. It’s not the most powerful air fryer, but 1500 watts is ideal for the size (2.5 liter/2.6 quart basket).

CON: Air fryers circulate hot air to cook food. Because of this, you can’t put too much food in the basket or overlap it too much. Some recipes for air frying call for you to remove the basket and shake it, or to mix the ingredients halfway through cooking. The basket is modest, and a detachable rack would have doubled the amount of food available for items like chicken, pork chops, and fish fillets. For my Philips Air Fryer, I spent $30 on a rack that allowed me to cook more food while maintaining hot air circulation.


Here Bella really shines. All of the Bella goods we’ve examined have outperformed rival products costing two times as much, if not three times as much.

PRO: The price of the Bella Air Fryer is around $63 (at time of publication). This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a basic, affordable air fryer that works well for 1-3 people.

Bella Air Fryer Review

Final Words

I appreciate your support for Angelo’s Burger

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