Air Fryer Uncrustables How to make Uncrustable in Air Fryer?

The gooey peanut butter and jelly interior and crispy outside of these air fryer uncrustables are cooked to perfection. Perfect as a delicious breakfast on the fly or for dating a sweet tooth! Air Fryer Uncrustables

Air Fryer Uncrustables

When it comes to making something sweet and delicious, these uncrustables are one of my simplest recipes. They not only cook properly, but they also have a kid-friendly certification.

Air Fryer Uncrustables

Even on hectic mornings when they are rushing to catch the school bus, my kids, who really enjoy them, will willingly eat them. Even grownups enjoy these—I am certain of this!

When I am busy photographing a dish for the site, I prefer to eat them with some chips or all by themselves. There is nothing better than a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk. Personally, I prefer the ones with strawberry jam inside.

Rather than eating the uncrustables straight from the refrigerator or freezer, consider reheating them in the air fryer. They have a warm, sweet interior and a beautiful, crispy outside. Delicious!

Making Uncrustables in an Air Fryer

Remove them from all of the packing before cooking one of these goodies in the air fryer. After that, immediately place it in the frying basket.

Cook the uncrustable for 4 minutes at 390F.

After the allotted time has passed, flip it over and cook for a further 4 minutes, or until the exterior is crisp and the interior is warm.

To ensure that the inside filling is cold enough to consume safely, let it rest for approximately 10 minutes.

Air Fryer Uncrustables

Enjoy warm servings!

Cooking Tips:

These uncrustables may all be cooked at once in the air fryer. Just remember to cook each subsequent uncrustable for a minute longer.

Insert a tiny knife to check the filling’s temperature to ensure that everything is thoroughly cooked. It should be heated, not lukewarm or chilly.

Allow the uncrustable to cook for an additional 1 to 2 minutes if you like a very done outside that is particularly crispy and crunchy like a pie crust.

What To Serve With Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustables?

These uncrustables are tasty and cooked to perfection. Much superior to being warmed up in the toaster or the oven. On days when you need to get out the door quickly, they are the ideal snack or quick breakfast.

They would be delicious paired with some morning sausage if you were having one of these for breakfast. Or a yogurt and berry-topped breakfast dish with reduced carbs.

Air Fryer Uncrustables

If you’re having one of these as a sweet snack, it would go well with some apple chips or a container of yogurt!


What happens when you air fry an uncrustable?

By utilizing the air fryer rather than a pan, it’s easy to enjoy a grilled version of this traditional PB&J sandwich by air frying Uncrustables! Every bite will have wonderfully melted and gooey filling and golden, toasted bread on the exterior.

Can a frozen uncrustable air friend?

Yes! It’s that easy to get from the freezer to the air fryer! You can toast frozen Uncrustable to perfection in your air fryer by just placing it inside.

How long should an uncrustable be air fried?

A thawed Uncrustable will only require around 5 minutes at 375F compared to a frozen Uncrustable’s 7 to 8 minutes to obtain golden perfection.

Watch this little video to witness the miracle in action!

Should I spray or butter the uncrustable before air frying?

Spray both sides of the Uncrustable with oil or butter, however it is not essential, for the best golden color and crisp texture.

Should I load the rack or tray into the air fryer?

Placing the rack inside the air fryer will allow the heat and air to simultaneously cook the Uncrustable on both sides.

However, you may air fry your Uncrustable without it if you like.