Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes – How to make it in air fryer?

Sweet potato cubes cooked in the air fryer are quick, simple, crispy, and delicious! They are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and delicate on the inside. This recipe is fantastic as a side dish, appetizer or substantial snack. From beginning to end, it takes less than 20 minutes! Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes


These sweet potato cubes in the air fryer come together so quickly.

This dish requires less than 20 minutes to complete from beginning to end.

Excellent for holiday and party fare, appetizers, snacks, and side dishes.

Any dipping sauces are welcome.

Excellent for supper, lunch, or brunch.

They are perfect for dinner preparation and leftovers.

This dish is a hit with both kids and adults.

The greatest texture for sweet potatoes comes from the air fryer.

The middles are delicate while the exteriors are crunchy.

This dish complies with Whole30, is Paleo, Vegan, sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes

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These are the major components and alternatives for sweet potato cubes cooked in an air fryer. To view the complete ingredient list and instructions, scroll down to the recipe card.

For optimal results, use fresh sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes Covington and Red Garnet are excellent choices for air frying. These are simple to locate and easily accessible at supermarket shops. Include a few more minutes for air frying if you’re using frozen sweet potatoes.

Olive oil helps these sweet potato cubes crisp up. To make this dish without using any oil, refer to the section below. Use melted coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil if you’d like.

Black pepper and sea salt enhance the flavor without becoming overpowering.

Both onion and garlic powders enhance the taste. You are welcome to change the seasonings to your liking.

Serve sweet potato cubes from an air fryer with your preferred dipping sauces and toppings.


Sweet potatoes come in several varieties. Despite having a largely identical appearance, there are minor variances

Look for Garnet or Covington sweet potatoes for this dish. These types are excellent for roasting since they contain greater moisture.

Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Manganese are all abundant in sweet potatoes.

These potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which is excellent for vision. They are also a good source of healthful carbs.

You can bake, grill, roast, or fry sweet potatoes. As baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, or sweet potato mash, they are often consumed.


Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes

These sweet potato cubes from the air fryer are the ideal balance of sweet and salty. Sweet potatoes have a little sweet flavor by nature. They are somewhat more flavorful due to the spices utilized. For additional suggestions, scroll down below the section on taste variants.

The middles are tender and the outsides are crispy. They resemble roasted potatoes or breakfast potatoes in texture.

How to Make Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes?

Sweet potatoes should be peeled. Remove any dirt and debris by giving them a cold water rinse.

The potatoes should be cut into 12″ cubes. If you’d like, you may make them bigger than this, but the size of the cubes will affect how long they need to cook.

Cooking spray or a tiny quantity of olive oil can be tossed with the potato cubes after seasoning with salt and pepper. At this stage, you can salt or season the potatoes anyway you prefer. For fun, experiment with different seasonings.

Place the sweet potato in the air fryer and cook at 400°F for approximately 12-14 minutes, shaking the basket at the halfway mark, until crispy and tender. Before serving, season with extra salt as required.


Spices and seasonings come in a huge variety. Here are some suggestions for varying the flavor of sweet potato cubes cooked in an air fryer.

Cayenne, chili powder, cumin, and paprika can be used to create a hotter version. Only use 14 tsp of each. They’d be delicious in tacos or taco salad.

Add nutmeg, coconut sugar, and cinnamon to make a sweet version. Only use 14 tsp of each.

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes

Use a combination of sweet and spiciness if you want.


Cut potatoes into pieces of the same size. 12 inch cubes should be cut out. Potatoes with uneven sizes will cook unevenly.

Don’t scrimp on the spices and ingredients.

Till fork tender, air fry.

Add a few additional minutes to the air frying time if you’re using frozen potatoes.


1 tablespoon of olive oil is required for this recipe for air-fried sweet potato cubes. Because they don’t need oil, air fryers are quite popular.

I tried this recipe both ways: with and without the tablespoon of olive oil. These are my conclusions.

The interior of the batch that had olive oil grew softer and more delicate. They crisped up a little more slowly than usual, but they didn’t burn.

Before air frying, nonstick spray was applied to the batch that did not use olive oil. They became crispier considerably faster, and some of them started to turn black. They were also considerably tougher and did not internalize softness.

Finally, I strongly advise applying oil. You may make this dish with or without it, however the batch made with olive oil was significantly superior.


Sweet potato cubes from an air fryer should be hot and fresh. They taste fantastic straight from the air fryer.

Serve with chicken, steak, or hamburgers.

Serve on a salad for vegan choices made from plants.

Dip into your preferred condiment or sauce, such as ketchup, mustard, or BBQ sauce.

For up to 4 days, keep leftovers in the refrigerator.

Place back in the air fryer to warm. For two to three minutes, air fry at 400°F.

Storing & Reheating Suggestions

If you have any leftovers, you can preserve the air-fried sweet potato cubes in the refrigerator for up to 4 days by storing them in an airtight container. Simply air fried the potatoes one more for three to five minutes at 400°F to reheat them.

Additionally, sweet potato cubes can be frozen either before or after air frying. This is a terrific method for dinner preparation because all you’d have to do is reheat the prepared cubes in the air fryer after removing them from the freezer. They can last for several months in the freezer.


How can I make the sweet potato cubes in the oven?

Follow the same procedures as for air frying them to roast them in the oven, but instead put the cubed sweet potatoes into a 425°F-preheated oven. Shake the baking pan halfway during the 30-minute baking period.

Should I boil or soak the potatoes before adding them into the air fryer?

No. There is no need to boil or soak the potatoes in advance because this recipe is supposed to be extremely straightforward.

Can I use frozen sweet potato chunks in this recipe?

Completely. Both frozen and fresh sweet potato cubes may be prepared in the same ways, although the frozen potatoes require a little more oil. They should be ready to eat after 15 minutes at 400°F in the air fryer.

Final Thoughts

Sweet potatoes are a great side dish for any meal, and they’re even better when cooked in an air fryer. These sweet potato cubes are easy to make and taste delicious. So why not give them a try? Share this post with your friends and neighbors so they can enjoy these tasty little morsels too. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Cubes