Air Fryer Patatas Bravas – How do you reheat Patatas Bravas?

Air Fryer Patatas Bravas is a crucial quick potato dish for the air fryer since it is simple to prepare and full of Spanish flavors.

One of those delicious Mediterranean comfort foods is our recipe for Air Fryer Patatas Bravas, which was first published in the summer of 2016. I made the decision to update it for you with some new photographs and information.

Air Fryer Patatas Bravas

When I first wrote about patatas bravas in the summer of 2016, I said the following:

Therefore, this is the first of the delicious Spanish recipes that I promised to make.

I don’t know about you, but Spanish tapas instantly captured my heart. When you eat tapas, it always feels like you are entering a candy store for adults.


Air Fryer Patatas BravasAs soon as you enter the pub, the tapas bar allows you to select whatever you wish to eat in a tiny piece. You’ll be presented with at least six selections, and you’ll begin to lick your lips in eager anticipation of what you’re going to devour.

Additionally, because they are so inexpensive and only contain tiny servings, you can be greedy and select many items.

We visited around 8 different tapas bars in Spain earlier this summer, and I must have ordered this dish at each and every one of them since I like it so much. Simple potatoes in a hot tomato sauce, or “PatatasBravas” as it is known in Spain, are the only ingredient in this mouthwatering dish.

Additionally, there is no way you could replicate it better at home. It is fast, cheap, and has less calories than you may expect.

This is how we did it—in much less than 30 minutes.

What I have to say regarding PTatas Bravas right now is as follows:

The dish Patatas Bravas cooked in an air fryer is underappreciated. Although air-fried wedges, chips, or fries are the first things that come to mind when we think about air-fried potatoes, patatas bravas are just as amazing.

It reminds me a lot of Mexican food, and you could make a fantastic starter using the air fryer by cooking potato wedges accompanied with Mexican salsa.

Ingredients for Air Fryer Patatas Bravas

Making potato wedges and presenting them with a hot dipping sauce is how I’ve always seen patatas bravas. It is extremely similar, and the added flavor that makes patatas bravas so beloved is only something you add to the cooking process.

It is underappreciated to make Patatas Bravas in an air fryer. Although the first item that comes to mind when we think of air-fried potatoes are wedges, chips, or fries, patatas bravas are just as delicious.

It reminds me a lot of Mexican food, and frying potato wedges with Mexican salsa in the air fryer would create a great appetizer.

Air Fryer Patatas Bravas

The following are the primary components for air-fried patatas bravas:

Dry Rub Spicy Sauce for Potatoes Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may also use Mexican salsa if you are situated outside of Europe.

How To Air Fry Patatas Bravas?

Making patatas bravas in an air fryer only requires a few easy steps.

The potatoes should be peeled and sliced in the same way as you would if you were making our air fryer potato wedges.

Bowl Them – Place the potatoes in a bowl with the extra virgin olive oil and the dry potato rub. With your hands, combine until the paprika gives the potatoes a reddish tint.

Prepare your bravas while the patatas are air-frying in the air fryer. Once the air fryer has beeped, you may add its bravas to your patatas.

More Air Fryer Potato Recipes

We at the Milner household like air-fried potatoes. More examples follow:

We enjoy eating potato wedges in the air fryer, so we just improved our first-ever air fryer recipe. This is your backup option if you don’t want the spicy flavor of patatas bravas.

Air Fryer Patatas Bravas

Breakfast potatoes made in the air fryer are ideal for making ahead and can be stored in the refrigerator overnight to be ready in the morning.

Rosemary Roast Potatoes in the Air Fryer – A favorite of mine, and you could simply substitute any favored flavor for the rosemary.


Should you boil potatoes before air frying?

Blanching the potatoes first is the key to preparing the fries precisely. Although it is an additional step, it is worthwhile. The fries are par-cooked to the ideal level so that the air fryer can crisp up the surface while maintaining the interior’s moistness and tenderness by blanching the potato sticks for 4 minutes.

How do you reheat patatas bravas?

Before putting the potatoes in a sealed container and keeping them in the refrigerator, let them cool to room temperature. Separately store the sauce. Reheat the potatoes in a 350°F oven when it’s time to serve the patatas bravas, then top with the sauce and tuck in.

Can patatas bravas be frozen?

Can I freeze this recipe for patatas bravas? You can, indeed! Please keep in mind that you should freeze this dish as soon as it becomes cold enough.

How do you cook patatas bravas at Asda?

Set the oven’s temperature to 220°C/200°F/Gas 7. Potatoes should be cut into 2 cm pieces and then tossed in sunflower oil. Cook for 40 minutes, or until golden and crisp, in a roasting pan.

What is bravas sauce made of?

What ingredients are in bravas sauce? Like many traditional Spanish meals, a genuine bravas sauce recipe just calls for a handful of basic components. To obtain the ideal flavor and consistency, a mixture of olive oil, spices, flour, and broth is used.

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