Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls – Tip for making success

This air-fried Oreos surpass the deep-fried ones we get at the state fair in taste. Three simple ingredients—Oreos, Crescent rolls, powdered sugar, and your preferred kitchen tool—are all you need to make them. Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls

Do you adore extravagant fair foods like funnel cakes and fried Oreos? the deep-fried, warm dough covered in a thick layer of powdered sugar and containing one of America’s favorite cookies! You’ll adore this air fryer variant if the answer is yes. While you eat, you are already remembering your favorite moments from the previous fair in less than 10 minutes.


I’ll begin by stating that this is intended to be a treat for a variety of reasons. Because these Oreos are so tasty, exercising self restraint is necessary. Air frying them will give you a handmade version that is somewhat healthier than deep frying them.

Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls

It was not my idea to utilize crescent rolls to make them, but it is a brilliant one. It greatly reduces the fat content and eliminates the mess of deep frying.


It’s a little bit healthier because there isn’t any deep frying involved. But indulge only in moderation!

Less messy: No deep frying or batter required. Simply air fried Oreos after wrapping them in a crescent roll covering.

Should this even be referred to as a recipe? Given how easy and approachable this is for beginners, some individuals could object.


These are the things you’ll need to create fried Oreos in an air fryer.

Grab two cans of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls to create eight fried Oreos.

I used regular Oreo cookies, but feel free to substitute their speciality flavors, such mint or Golden Oreos.

Melted butter – I use melted butter combined with sugar to give the crescent roll dough some sweetness and make the air fryer Oreos simple to take out of the basket.

Sugar Powdered sugar: I used this as a garnish, but you are welcome to omit it.

How to Make Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls?

  1. Spread the crescent roll dough out. Divide each can into four squares to make a total of eight.
  2. Use your fingers to pinch the dough together to seal the holes. There need to be eight squares.
  3. In the center of each square, place one Oreo cookie.
  4. Fold the dough’s corners in.
  5. Use your fingers to pinch the dough closed.

Place on a dish or baking sheet at number 6.

  1. Combine sugar and melted butter in a bowl.
  2. Apply mixture to the dough’s back and front.
  3. Add to the air fryer. If your air fryer is large, you might need to work in batches.
  4. Set the air fryer for an 8-minute cook duration at 325°F. Depending on the brand you purchased, you might need to warm up your air fryer.
  5. Remove from the air fryer and, if like, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve hot.

How do you keep Air Fryer Oreos from getting soggy?

They taste best when served warm and fresh, like most crescent roll sweets do. They will absorb more moisture the longer they sit. Simply warming them prior to serving will remedy it. Use the microwave or an air fryer to reheat. Easy as pie.

Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls

Is it possible to reheat in an air fryer?

Yes! Put the fried Oreos in your air fryer and heat it to 325°F for a few minutes. This will make them softer and restore the dough’s softness.

Recipe Tips

After the air fryer has finished preheating, brush the dough with the butter/sugar mixture just before you are going to put them in. The butter and sugar will be fresh when they are added and won’t seep into the dough this way. Additionally, they will be much simpler to take out of the basket.

When using a tiny air fryer, work in batches. Don’t stuff the basket too full.

Use the nearest temperature, rounded down, if your air fryer doesn’t have the precise temperature required for this recipe. The temperature settings fluctuate across brands.

After you remove them from the air fryer, let them cool for a few minutes to cool before eating. They’ll be VERY hot. Give them five to ten minutes to reach the ideal temperature.

Do I Need to Preheat my Air Fryer?

When you set the temperature and time, My Ninja Foodi will immediately begin preheating. It takes around five minutes. When the food is prepared to be placed in the basket, it beeps.

Air Fryer Oreos with Crescent Rolls

Regarding other air fryer manufacturers, I’m unsure. If you have the option, I recommend preheating the air fryer so that the food cooks more uniformly. You’ll probably need to cook them for longer if it isn’t warmed because the air fryer will need to warm up to the proper temperature first.


Can I put Oreos in the air fryer?

Definitely! Yes, you can use the air fryer to cook Oreos. Whether they are air-fried Oreos or Oreos covered in bacon.

Are fried Oreos good for you?

Although air-fried Oreos are not the healthiest sweets, they are a better alternative to the deep-fried Oreos from the state fair. Should you indulge in this cuisine on a regular basis? No! It ought to be a rare pleasure.

In the air fryer, can you reheat deep-fried Oreos?

Place deep-fried Oreos in the air fryer basket and cook for a few minutes.