Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries – Instructions To Make Them

The crinkle cut fries from the air fryer have a crisp outside and a mushy inside. They are the tastiest finger food ever because of their delicate flesh and delightfully crisp, brown crinkle edges. The best kitchen appliances are air fryers because of how quickly and easily french fries can be prepared in them. Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

Let’s prepare some crispy, tasty, and healthful french fries.

Why does this recipe work?

This air fryer recipe isn’t very sophisticated. But timing is important.

Making crispy and tasty potato fries by air frying is straightforward, hassle-free, and easy.

The frozen fries don’t need to be thawed. Simply place the air fryer basket with the frozen French fries inside.

If you don’t want to, you are not required to use any oil. Make them wholesome.

Similar to an oven, the air fryer heats up quickly, and its crinkle-cut fries are superior to oven-baked ones in every aspect.

The quickest and healthiest method of preparing crinkle cut fries is in an air fryer.

Crinkle Cut Fries Vs Regular Fries

When compared, crinkle-cut fries just have a greater flavor and are more entertaining. Even as an adult, I would pick crinkle cut fries if given the option.

Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

People ate crinkle cut fries in the 1990s because deep frying was unnecessary and they tasted better cooked in the oven. It comes down to personal preference, but both conventional and crinkle-cut fries cook satisfactorily in an air fryer.

Ingredients to air fry crinkle cut fries

Frozen crinkle cut fries

Use the fries you enjoy. I’ve used a variety of crinkle-cut fry brands over the years, including Great value, Market Pantry, Kroger, Season’s Choice, TJ Farms, etc. They are all of the same caliber. I seize anything I can. Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

Fresh crinkle cut fries

Additionally, you may create fresh crinkle cut fries at home using fresh potatoes. If you want to cut crinkle-edged French fries, you will need a knife with a wavy edge. First, wash and peel the potatoes. After that, cut the potatoes with the potato knife’s waved edge. The slices should then be further divided into smaller strips of the required length.

Cooking spray or vegetable oil ( optional)

However, since the frozen crinkle cut fries are already lightly oiled, no additional oil is required. However, a little touch of oil does make them tastier. All you require is a spritz of quick-cooking oil. 

Decide for yourself, then. On my fries, I often don’t use any oil.

Let’s make air fryer frozen crinkle-cut fries, the most delicious, crispy, and healthful finger food ever!

Instructions to make Air fryer crinkle cut fries:

Grab your preferred package of fries and use the air fryer to produce frozen crinkle cut fries. Empty the air fryer’s basket of its contents. Spread them out on the shelves if you have an air fryer that is oven-style. Then distribute them evenly such that none overlap. Allow for little air circulation gaps.

32 oz. a bag of Season’s Choice frozen crinkle cut fries has been consumed in half. This indicates that I am packing the 16 oz. of crinkle-cut French fried potatoes into the 8 qt. air fryer basket. The total time for air frying will change if you use more or less than this amount.

Then, for 14 minutes, set the air fryer’s temperature to 400°F. For 8 to 9 minutes, air cook frozen crinkle fries. After that, shake the air fryer basket by opening it. Flipping the fries is the goal. To turn the fries over, you may either shake the entire basket or turn each one over separately. Refill the air fryer basket with the food, then cook it through.

There will be a difference of 1-2 minutes based on the air fryer kind you use. And the finished air-fried meal does alter significantly as a result of these minutes. Check the status of your fries by opening the basket at 12 minutes.

It will take you around 22–23 minutes to air fried the entire 32 ounce bag. The problem with it is that all the fries won’t cook equally since they’ll be overlapping in the basket. Some won’t get crisp and will remain soft. So, always air fry in batches unless you’re in a rush or hosting a big party.

Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

Transfer the air fryer crinkle cut fries into a serving bowl or platter after they are finished cooking. Serve an air fryer burger with your preferred spice blend.

Seasoning options

I recommend trying the following spice combinations for air-fried crinkle fries:

Crinkle-cut fries seasoned with peri-peri.

If you are an Indian, you probably already use chaat masala. If not, chat masala is a tart Indian spice mixture that is frequently added to fried meals. And believe me, it’s delicious with fries. Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

Taco seasoning is a sour, hot flavor that goes well with french fries. Do give it a go.

Spice mix for garlic bread.

I used my own blend of taco seasoning and chat masala, which is my go-to ultimate French fry seasoning. Use whichever of the several brands of French fry seasoning you want.

How to serve air fryer crinkle fries?

Without a doubt, the most well-known finger food of all time is french fries. a great quick snack for children, a snack for games day, a snack for a picnic, and a great side for dinners. Enjoy them as a side to air fried spaghetti squash or an air fryer frozen burger. Serve them with simple tomato ketchup or your preferred dipping sauce. Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

How long does it take to fry the frozen crinkle cut fries in an air fryer?

The quantity of frozen crinkle cut fries you put in your air fryer basket will determine how long it will take to air cook them. They should be ready at the fries setting in less than 15 minutes if you put roughly 16 ounces of fries to an 8 gallon basket. Mine was 12 minutes long.


Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle FriesIn my Bella professional air fryer, it takes 23 minutes to cook the full 32 oz fries bag in the 8 qt air fryer basket. Therefore, for the majority of air fryers, the average time is between 22 and 24 minutes.

Storage and reheating of crinkle cut fries made in an air fryer

The remaining air fryer-cooked crinkle cut fries should be kept in the refrigerator for at least a day in an airtight container or zip-lock bag. Air fried them for 4-5 minutes at 380°F to warm, then serve.

Pro tips

Avoid defrosting frozen French fries since they are better this way.

Put a single layer of frozen crinkle fries in the air fryer. In an air fryer, never cram too much frozen food in there or overlap it. If overlapped, frozen French fries for the air fryer will come out mushy.

There will be a difference of 1-2 minutes based on the air fryer kind you use. And the finished air-fried meal does alter significantly as a result of these minutes. Check the status of your fries by opening the basket at 12 minutes.

Do not overlook giving them a flip or rotation halfway through cooking. This ensures that crinkle-cut fries are air-fried evenly on both sides.

Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries

Oil can be omitted. Frozen fries may be prepared without oil.


Do you need to use oil to air fry crinkle cut fries?

No, oil is not necessary. Before being frozen, the crinkle-cut potato fries are coated with a thin layer of oil to prevent them from sticking to one another. So, even if you fried them on air without any additional oil, they still taste delicious.

Use cooking oil spray or a pastry brush to apply some vegetable oil to the items if you wish to add oil.

What is the ideal temperature to air fry crinkle fries?

The best temperature for air frying the crinkle cut fries is the highest one that your fryer can reach. In addition, the fries setting on practically all air fryers utilizes the maximum temperature. While some air fryers operate at 380°F (190°C), most do so at 400°F (200 0C).

Therefore, 400 0F is the recommended temperature for cooking frozen French fries, however any temperature between 380 and 400 0F will do.

Do you need to thaw the frozen crinkle-cut fries before air frying?

Before air frying the frozen crinkle-cut fries, there is no need to defrost them. When you air fried fries directly from the freezer, they come out perfectly cooked. They won’t let you down.


The air fryer frozen crinkle fries are a great way to enjoy your favorite fast food meal at home. Air Fryer Frozen Crinkle Fries. Not only are they easy to make, but they also taste delicious. Be sure to try them out for yourself and see how you like them. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this new product. Did you make any modifications or variations that you would recommend? We’d love to hear from you.

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