Air Fryer Beyond Burger – How do you cook it perfectly?

You won’t be able to tell it’s a vegetable burger when you bite into this thick burger patty, I guarantee it. It tastes and feels like a genuine burger. Air Fryer Beyond Burger

Even the flavor of the Beyond burger is smokey like you cooked it yourself. Are you prepared to discover how to prepare an Air Fryer Beyond burger now? Come and cook with me at the restaurant!

In an air fryer, grill a vegan burger.

If you have a Philips grill pan, you can cook your Beyond or conventional burgers without lighting the grill or putting them in a pan.

Air Fryer Beyond Burger

Even your burger has grill stains from the grill pan.

I adore vegetarian burgers. I never expected it, but the texture and flavor have greatly improved.

This burger is one to try if you enjoy burgers but don’t eat beef. in particular if you cook it in an air fryer.

The Air Fryer warms quickly and is excellent for cooking in the same way as you would on the grill or in a cast-iron pan.

Air Fryer Beyond Burgers Ingredients

There are only a few ingredients needed to prepare these burgers. Prepare the following:

buns for burgers




Past burgers

frying oil or cooking spray

Salt (optional) (optional)

Pepper (optional) (optional)

How To Make Air Fryer Beyond Burgers?

The Beyond burger patties may be cooked from frozen or thawed in the refrigerator for this burger recipe.

With this nonstick grill plate, preheat your Air Fryer for 3 to 5 minutes at 400°F. Apply vegetable oil or frying spray to the patties.

No cooking product needs to be used to brush the grill pan.

Despite the non-stick nature of the grill pan, I normally place a paper liner beneath the burger patties.

Warning! Never use your Air Fryer without food while using parchment paper. The heating element in your Air Fryer may catch fire as it swirls around within.

Set the Air Fryer’s timer for 10 minutes and add the patties. During the cooking process, turn your patties twice.

Be warned that the temperature and cooking time of Air Fryers vary. To determine your settings, experiment.

Heat a skillet while the burgers are cooking. Slice the onion very thinly into rings. Keep one-third of the onion rings apart.

The remaining raw onions should be sautéed in cooking spray or olive oil in a preheated cast-iron pan until they are tender and transparent.

Five minutes are needed for this. Layer the lettuce leaves, raw onion slices, and tomato slices into the hamburger bread after cutting it open.

Air Fryer Beyond Burger

After that, top the tomatoes with the Beyond burgers and sautéed onions.

Burger Toppings

Add one of these delectable toppings or sauces to your hamburger to enhance the flavor even further:

Sandwich Sauce

tangy mayo

Cheese, cheddar

white onion


Cayenne pepper


Bacon (vegan)

Do You Season The Beyond Burger?

There is really no need to season these burgers more because they already have enough flavor.

Although it is not really essential, you can salt and pepper the patties if you prefer.

How Is A Beyond Burger Thawed?

Take a Beyond burger out of the freezer and let it defrost before using in the fridge for optimal results.

The full thaw takes at least 4 hours.

Can You Air Fry A Frozen Beyond Burger?

Air Fryer Beyond Burger

Yes, you can use your Air Fryer to fry a frozen Beyond Burger. If a grill pan is available, place the burger patties on it and preheat your air fryer to 400°F.

If not, place the patties in your Air Fryer basket on a parchment lining.

Even if you use parchment paper, using a grill pan is simpler to clean than using the standard Air Fryer basket.

The Beyond patties should be cooked for at least 9 minutes, turned, and cooked for a further 9 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches at least 165°F, for a well-done burger.

How Long Does A Beyond Burger Last In The Fridge?

Depending on whether you’ve opened the container or not, you can store a Beyond burger in the refrigerator.

Unopened container – The Beyond Burger keeps in the refrigerator for 10 days in an unopened container.

The Beyond Burger only lasts three days after the packaging is opened.


Can you air fry a frozen beyond burger?

Yes, you can use your Air Fryer to fry a frozen Beyond Burger. If a grill pan is available, place the burger patties on it and preheat your air fryer to 400°F.

How do you cook frozen beyond burgers?

Cook from frozen for about 5 minutes per side on medium heat (Less time if burgers have been thawed). Avoid overcooking; even when a product is fully cooked, the inside may still be red or pink.

How do you cook perfect beyond burger?

Prepare and store. Use within three days of opening and keep refrigerated. Avoid refreezing. Be sure to fully cook before serving. …

Cook for about 4 minutes on each side on a grill or in a skillet heated to medium-high heat. Avoid overcooking. …

Not suggested. boiling, deep-frying, or microwaving.

What happens if you undercook Beyond Burger?

Despite the fact that it contains no meat, Beyond Meat particularly advises against consuming it uncooked in order to ensure your safety. Beyond Meat in its raw state will taste awful, not digest as quickly, and there is a little possibility that it may include germs or other pathogens that might make you ill.