Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Nothing screams the joy of Summer like a tasty bacon wrapped hot dog. Whether it’s game day with friends or a family barbeque, this classic treat is always sure to be a crowd-pleaser. But who says you have to wait for warm weather to enjoy them? No need to heat up your kitchen with an oven or grill when you can whip up these delicious bites with an air fryer! In today’s blog post, we’ll show you just how easy it is to make air fryer bacon wrapped hot dogs at home – and no oil needed! These salty & savory treats are perfect for any occasion, so let’s get started!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

2 ingredients total!

Easily prepared meal that is suitable for children.

Excellent party appetizer and game day nibble.

Hot dogs and bacon are inherently keto and low carb.

Ingredients You’ll Need

You probably already know which two components go into bacon-wrapped hot dogs. The following points should be remembered:

Any type of pork bacon, excluding thick-cut bacon.

Use any brand or size of hot dog in this recipe. I try to choose nitrate-free hot dogs because regular cured hot dogs may include dubious substances. Delectable uncured all-beef hot dogs are available from Applegate Natural, Hebrew National, Coleman, and Nathan’s.


Be careful to wrap the bacon all the way to the tips if you don’t like your hot dog edges to be crispy.

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs
Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Use toothpicks to hold the bacon to the ends of the hot dogs to prevent it from shrinking away.

One slice of bacon ought to be plenty for smaller hot dogs. If you adore bacon, you may add two pieces to hot dogs that are longer or thicker.

When wrapping the bacon around the hot dog, try not to overlap it. To ensure that the bacon cooks crisply, make sure it is arranged around the hot dog in a single layer.

The hot dogs should be arranged in a single layer and not crammed inside the basket. So that the hot air can crisp the bacon on all sides, leave some room between them.

Before you eat, make sure to take the toothpick out.

Additionally, air fry the buns for around a minute if you like warm, crispy buns. The warm hot dog buns are amazing, by the way!

The recipe box below contains all the recipe information.

It’s very simple to prepare bacon separately.

Recipe Tips

NO thick-cut bacon—difficult to get it crispy. Use thin or regular-cut bacon for the greatest results.

Wrap the bacon tightly, but keep in mind that it will shrink as it cooks.

Preheating: Don’t neglect preheating for the crispiest bacon! As soon as the bacon makes contact with the basket, frying will start.

Fry 6 at a time because if you cook more, the fat would spray over the heating element and start to smoke.

No stacking is allowed; arrange the hot dogs in the air fryer in a single layer. For the greatest results, each dog must be heated from all sides.

Depending on how thick your bacon is, your hot dogs may need more or less time to cook. Around the ten-minute mark, check for completion and make any necessary adjustments.

Toast your buns – If you’re serving bacon-wrapped hot dogs on buns, insert your buns inside the hot dog while it’s still toasted and cook for 2 minutes after removing it from the basket.


Hot dogs not your thing? Make your favorite sausage tastes, such as kielbasa or bratwurst, using this technique.

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs
Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Turkey bacon: A healthier alternative. Compared to turkey bacon prepared from chopped meat, ground turkey bacon (such as that sold by Oscar Meyer, Butterball, and Jennie-O) is more similar to pig bacon (like Applegate and Wellshire). The ladder is comparable to ham and Canadian bacon.

Check out the serving suggestions for bacon-wrapped hot dogs below.

Traditional: Place on buns with ketchup, mustard, and relish on top.

Serve on buns with chili, cheese, and onion for “all the way.”

With toothpicks and dipping sauces, hold the buns and cut them into bite-sized pieces. This works well as a keto snack.

Storing & Reheating

Storage: Place the hot dogs in the refrigerator for 3–4 days in an airtight container after allowing them to cool fully.

Heat up the leftovers in an air fryer basket at 350 degrees until the hot dogs are hot and the bacon is crispy (5-8 minutes).


Making these in an air fryer is a game changer, for real. It’s not only a simple method for making air-fried bacon hot dogs. These hot dogs stand out due to their crunchy textures. The bacon and hot dogs are cooked to a beautiful crisp by the hot circulator air. Although we like to grill them, air frying comes in a close second because of how simple the cleanup is.

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs
Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs


You might need to extend the air frying time for thick-cut bacon by one or two minutes. Additionally, experiment with other bacon tastes, such as applewood-smoked or black pepper bacon. Enjoy experimenting with your bacon selections!

FAQs about Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Can you cook bacon in the air fryer?

Yes, bacon may be cooked in an air fryer without risk, but do not cook a lot at once. If there is too much bacon fat, it could spatter and emit smoke.

How long does it take to cook bacon-wrapped hot dogs in the air fryer?

The efficiency of your air fryer, the thickness of the bacon, and the size of the hot dog will all affect the precise time and temperature. However, a reasonable starting point is 10–15 minutes at 400°F.

Is it better to boil or fry hot dogs?

Hot dogs are air-fried, which keeps the insides wet and creates a crisp exterior. One only gets one or the other whether boiling or frying.

Can I put foil in the air fryer?

As long as the foil is positioned such that air can still circulate evenly between the air fryer’s bottom and the basket, it can be used.

Final Thoughts Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Have you ever tried cooking Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs? It’s a quick and easy way to cook up this classic summertime dish. Plus, the bacon adds some extra flavor and juiciness that takes these dogs over the top. If you’re looking for a new recipe to try out in your air fryer, give this one a go! Share this post with your friends and neighbors to get them excited about trying out air fryer recipes too. Who knows, maybe they’ll be inspired to buy an air fryer of their own after seeing all the delicious things you can make with it. 

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