Air Fry Wall Ovens – What Are The Benefits of Wall Ovens?

A few years ago, Frigidaire pioneered the introduction of the first air fryer ranges to the market. Since other manufacturers have imitated this move, a wide range of stoves now incorporates this function! The possibilities for a wall oven with air fry are a little more constrained, but they are still available. Air Fry Wall Ovens

What is Air Fry?

While air frying doesn’t actually “cook,” the end results are quite comparable to frying while requiring less oil. Your food cooks fast and develops a dehydrated crispy crust on the exterior thanks to the creation of convection currents and the movement of hot air around it.

Air Fry Wall Ovens

With its strong heating components, air fry ovens can swiftly and evenly heat their interiors. Food will cook more quickly than it would on the standard bake setting.

Although several manufacturers are selling their own “air fry trays” to go with these ovens, amazing results may be achieved without a specialized tray. The following is the optimum air fryer setup:

A wire basket for the meal will allow hot air to circulate around it on all sides (otherwise, use a rimless flat metal baking sheet)

To catch drips and spills, there is a baking sheet on the rack beneath the basket.

Adding parchment paper to the lower baking sheet can help catch oil droplets and stop it from smoking.

To get rid of any smoke smells, you might need to run your range hood while cooking.

The food should be arranged on a single rack for this function to perform well. It’s a good idea to consult the owner’s handbook for your range for recommended cooking times and temperatures. If you don’t have a wire basket or sheet, you may simply put the meal on a sturdy baking sheet. To promote the optimum air circulation, try using a flat baking sheet rather than one with a rim.

Who Makes Air Fry Wall Ovens?

Currently, GE Profile, Frigidaire, and Electrolux make single and double wall ovens (electric only) with an air fry feature. Below, we’ll discuss the GE Profile and Frigidaire Gallery wall ovens.

Frigidaire Gallery Air Fry Wall Ovens

Frigidaire Gallery GCWS3067AF, 30″ single wall oven, $2,599 MSRP

Frigidaire Gallery GCWD3067AF, 30″ double wall oven, $3,599 MSRP

Air Fry Wall Ovens

(Note: Frigidaire Gallery 27″ wide wall ovens with air fry were announced in Q4 of 2021, which is good news for individuals who wish to replace their 27″ wide ovens.)

The strong convection element and algorithm used by Frigidaire’s air fry wall ovens swiftly heat the oven compartment and produce easily crispy cooking results. There is a temperature probe included with both the single and double wall ovens (upper oven only in the double oven model). According to Frigidaire’s Fit Promise, these ovens fit over 90% of competitor cutouts since they are 30″ wide. If a cutout is excessively large, trim kits are also available.

These versions contain features including a Steam Clean option and high-heat self-clean in addition to being made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. A wire air fry tray is a distinct item sold by Frigidaire.

These ovens are a terrific choice if you’re on a tight budget because they’re fully functional yet less expensive than the competition. The touch controls are “glass-like” rather than being true glass touch controls, which is something we observed. Although we’d advise testing them out in person first to determine whether you like them, they’ll feel more upscale than squishy touch buttons. The price is comparable to other True Convection electric wall ovens.

There are now two sets of wall ovens with air fry choices available from GE Profile. Stainless steel or black stainless steel are both choices. The 9000 versions also come with a few more cooking settings and an in-oven CookCam so you can check on your food using your smartphone.

Air Fry Wall Ovens

The 7000 and 9000 versions are both equipped with 7″ full-color touch displays, air fryers, a temperature probe, a variety of precise cooking settings, easy-gliding roller racks, and Wi-Fi connectivity. There are other choices for self-cleaning and steam cleaning.

Wall oven sizes may be tricky, which is why GE provides a Fit Guarantee. If you need to modify the cabinet to fit their oven into a cutout made for the same width, they’ll pay you up to $300.

Final Words

We really hope that this post has given you a better understanding of your alternatives for wall ovens with air fryers. Additionally, you may read our assessments of the top double wall ovens and single electric wall ovens of the year. We’d love to hear from you, so please comment below! Air Fry Wall Ovens

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